Een collectie opmerkingen (en soms komen die er in het Engels uit) die ik op Facebook heb geplaatst. Niet dat ik geloof dat ik of de quotes zo geweldig zijn, maar misschien openen ze een deur voor iemand.

Alles vanzelfsprekend © Frits Spoelstra/Autolyse.nl.

29 januari 2020:

“The problem is not that we take the world and life with all its hardship not seriously, the problem is that we take it too seriously.”

26 januari 2020:

“Grasping the intimation of the possibility you’re not this physical contracted earthbound form you call “a body” is all the enlightenment that is available to you… anything else is bullcrap.”

23 januari 2020:

“No matter how hard you run this way, that way, left, right, no matter how high you rise or how deep you fall, no matter how hard you fight or resist something, no matter the size of your ego… the world will still spin around and around the exact same way, not caring too much about your shenanigans. Just sit back and enjoy the show, it’s easier that way.”

22 januari 2020:

“The rule is: whatever you can be conscious of, you are not that. For example, you are conscious of yourself as a body-mind-system, so obviously, you’re not that.

As soon as you’re conscious of the fact that you’re not the body-mind-system, you are obviously conscious of something that is conscious of the fact that you’re not the body-mind-system. So obviously, you’re not that either.

As soon as you’re conscious of the fact that there is something that is conscious of the fact that you’re not the body-mind-system, you are obviously conscious of something that is conscious of something that is conscious of the fact that you’re not the body-mind-system. So obviously, you’re not that either.

Do I need to go on? I hope not, because I’ll probably lose count.

So, in the end, what you are you cannot be conscious of. You’ll just BE it because you ARE it, but you’ll never KNOW it. Anyone who claims to know who or what he or she is, is lying, because we are that which is unknowable. We are that which is conscious of everything but of which we cannot be conscious of.

We are the context (impersonal) in which the content (personal) apparently appears. Most spiritual seekers don’t like that message.”

16 januari 2020:

“It’s a funny thing when someone in apparent deep sleep is telling someone who is awake in- and/or from the dreamstate to wake up, just because he doesn’t believe the bullshit and nonsense the person in apparent deep sleep believes.

This world is a twisted world where the front is seen as the back and the left is seen as the right. Just because it’s a majority that is in apparent deep sleep, they all assume, believe and think they are awake and so the few who are awake must be sleeping, while the awake person knows that everyone is awake, but they just don’t know it yet.

An awake person can’t argue with those who don’t know they are awake, it’s two different worlds and two different realities that don’t mix. Truth can’t exist in illusions and illusions can’t survive in Truth.

So here’s a tip: when you awaken, stop arguing with other people… it’s a waste of energy. Just state your case and leave it at that… or don’t state anything, if you can.”

15 januari 2020:

“This world and everything in it is absolutely completely insane and none of it is real or true. So you can take it seriously and be miserable, or not. Your choice.”

14 januari 2020:

“Instead of worrying about what the point is of things you do and thus setting yourself up for disappointment, anger or depression, it may be a better idea to just do stuff you like doing and take anything that comes out if it to be the point.”

11 januari 2020:

“Spiritually speaking, whatever you want to find you already have and whatever you want to attain you already are. The obscuring agent and the reason why you think you don’t have what you want to find or you’re not what you think you want to attain, is you.

It is you, or rather what you think you are and you’re identification with the body-mind-system, that is keeping you from finding freedom, truth or God or attaining enlightenment. You are keeping yourself from what and where you say and believe you want to be, nothing else is holding you back or is hiding anything.

To realize that you are already where you want to be, that you already have what you want to find and already are what you want to attain, you need to first know WHAT you are. But to know what you are you need to look at what you’re not and truly realize without any doubt you are not that! And then drop that motherfucker like it’s hot.

The rest will effortlessly unfold by itself, unless you start resisting it… which you undoubtedly will do.”

5 januari 2020:

“Elke spirituele zoektocht kent twee eindes. Het eerste einde is zelf deceptie, waarmee de persoon zichzelf ervan overtuigt dat hij goed bezig is, verlicht is of een beter leven heeft gevonden. Alles is liefde en we zijn allemaal één, en dat soort gebrabbel.

Dit is een tijdelijk einde, de zoektocht zal ooit weer beginnen omdat dit einde een deceptie is. In feite is het eerste einde geen echt einde, maar een verzonnen einde omdat de zoeker niet verder durft te gaan.

Het tweede einde is wel een echt einde, het ziet er uit als een doodlopende weg met een grote massieve muur aan het eind. Er blijkt niets te vinden, geen beter leven, geen verlichting, niets van dat spirituele geneuzel en daarbovenop lijkt er ook nog geen weg terug. Zelf deceptie is geen optie meer, de zoeker kan niet meer net doen alsof het niet zo is.

Nu zijn er een paar mensen die in die massieve muur een scheur hebben gevonden en er achter zijn gekomen dat ze daar niet als lichaam doorheen passen, maar wel als dat wat ze werkelijk zijn. Die mensen zijn niet slimmer dan andere zoekers, niet beter dan andere zoekers, maar ze zijn die scheur per ongeluk tegengekomen en wilde weten wat daarachter te zien is.

Een paar van die paar mensen hangen nog steeds rond bij die massieve muur en als je de juiste vragen stelt, bestaat er de kans dat ze je die scheur laten zien. Maar daar zit wel een prijskaartje aan vast. Het kost je jouw identificatie met je lichaam en je zelf. Het is dat of de rest van je leven tegen die muur aankijken.”

1 januari 2020:

“Whatever never happened will not ever change a thing and will not ever leave a mark. You as the body have never been more dead and you as what you are have never been more safe. You have never not been taken care off.”

31 december 2019:

“It’s almost 2020. This means we have been believing for two-thousand-and-twenty years that we have been separated from wholeness. And above that, we made ourselves believe we have been separated from wholeness ages before we started counting the years. We even invented a world before we humans roamed the earth, with dinosaurs and shit, just to give the canvas reality.

Oddly enough we started counting the years from the birth of a guy who came to tell us we are not what we think we are, that we are not of this world and there is in all honesty no world at all. Two-thousand-and-twenty years long we ignored this guy, who we nailed to a cross for telling the truth.

This is how powerful Ego is. Don’t underestimate it, don’t hate it and don’t fight it, just see it and love it to death.”

26 december 2019:

“Omdat het niet mogelijk is om te weten wat, hoe of waar God is, heeft de religieuze mens in al zijn waanzin een “God” naar eigen evenbeeld verzonnen. Om op basis van die religieuze definitie van deze door de religieuze mens verzonnen “God” een discussie te voeren over het wel of niet bestaan van God, is vanzelfsprekend een zinloze exercitie, aangezien we de discussie dan starten vanaf het verkeerde uitgangspunt.”

22 december 2019:

“Life ain’t complicated if you take the time to look at it and see it for what it is… before you react to it. You probably wouldn’t react to it.”

21 december 2019:

Spirituele en metafysische discussies leiden tot niets, het zijn vrij zinloze exercities.

20 december 2019:

“The mistake most people make is to take sides. Either this world is all there is or there’s only consciousness. If you pick one and dismiss the other, you’re wrong, cos both are true within their own reality; both make up Oneness, it’s that freaking simple.”

20 december 2019:

“It’s all about faith. Either you have faith in ego-mind or you have faith in right-mind. If you choose to have faith in ego-mind you’ll see the world we live in, which is total insanity, war, violence and a one way road to extinction. If you have faith in right-mind, you’ll witness the same world of total insanity, war, violence and that one way road to extinction, but you’ll see it differently, because you will know with absolute clarity what it really is.”

17 december 2019:

“If you’re able to look at yourself, study yourself or change yourself, you must be able to see that this “you” looking at yourself, studying yourself or changing yourself is something other than “yourself”. You (1) are studying yourself (2). You can’t be both unless you’re schizophrenic.

But as soon as you see this “you” being other than yourself, the ego-mind claims this “you” to be what you are and now you see this “new you” that’s looking at, studying or changing that old “you” that was looking at, studying or changing “yourself”.

If you’re aware of this “new you”, you can look at, study or change this “new you”, so obviously you aren’t that “new you” but a different “you” that’s looking at that “new you”. Then the ego-mind claims this different “you” to be a “new new you” looking at the “old new you” which is looking at the “first you” that’s looking at, studying or changing “yourself”.

When ever you realize you’re not what you’re looking at, ego-mind claims the one realizing this to be a new you. Ego-mind can do this as long as you apparently exists, claiming a new you every time you take a step back to look at a former “you”, et fucking nausia.

Or… another possibility… you can realize that whatever is claimed by ego-mind isn’t you. Therefore you can never look at what you are and only look at what you are not. It’s impossible to take a final step back to arrive at what you really are without ego-mind claiming it to be you.

The truth is simple. You cannot know what you are, you cannot feel what you are, you cannot see what you are, you cannot touch what you are, you cannot study what you are, you cannot put into words what you are, you cannot even realize or remember what you are… because you can only BE what you are.

But you can know, feel, see, touch, study, put into words, realize and remember what you are not, and loose interest in it because you are not that… and that’s where and when the story ends.”

16 december 2019:

“You can’t change the world as long as you’re convinced that life is happening to you as a separate entity. The world then seems to be the cause of the problem when it really is an effect of the problem. The world and life are the outward projections of an inward condition, so the cause of the problem is in you.

So, let’s say you get that and now you try to change your own inward condition as what you think you are and you find that this doesn’t work either. Why is that? That’s because you think that this inward condition is inside you as the separate entity and… like I said… you can’t change the world as long as you’re convinced that life is happening to you as a separate entity.

The inward condition that is projecting the outward projection — a.k.a. the world — is not within you as the body, it’s within Mind, which in fact is what you are. So, if you want to change the world or your life, you must change your mind about the world and your life.

To do so you need to go back to the moment or the place where you chose the ego-mind instead of the right-mind and then choose again. How? First you must realize that you chose the wrong teacher, the ego-mind, and then decide you want to choose the right teacher, the right-mind or higher power (or if you’re into A Course in Miracles, the holy spirit or Jezus).

But you can only do this as what you are, so first you must change your mind about you. Be convinced that you’re not a separate entity and that your body is just as well an outward projection of an inward condition and therefore not the cause of the problem, but an effect of the problem.”

15 december 2019:

A sane person in an insane world is always seen to be crazy by the insane majority which thinks itself to be sane.

14 december 2019:

“Probably the most difficult thing to grasp is not that you’re not the body — one can mentally understand that — but the fact that, whatever happens, whatever disaster, you are always at all times 100% safe and untouched.”

14 december 2019:

“If you rely on your thinking — you may call it your “rational mind” — to solve the puzzle of this world and the reasons for your existence, you are wasting your time, for your thinking is directed by ego-mind.

The brain is where we do our thinking and the brain reports only to the body of which it is a part… and the body is a construct and fabrication of ego-mind as a result of our belief in separation. Your so called “rational mind”, which isn’t rational at all, won’t be able to help you, because it works only for ego-mind.

All ego-mind does is make you see what is not real and hide from you what actually is. Wether it is about the Dreamstate or actual Infinite Truth doesn’t matter, ego-mind will show you ‘what is’ as what is not and ‘what is not’ as what is.

For instance, ego-mind will help you hide the absolute imbecility of this world to convince you this life of yours is pretty much okay, to make sure you will feel content enough — only for short while — to not go look for an actual solution to the absolute imbecility of this place… unless the solution adds more madness to the already existing imbecility, ego-mind would allow that.

Yet, ego-mind will make sure you will never be content enough to not need its help and guidance, so it will knock you down merciless anytime you get high enough to almost really feel happy, satisfied and content. But then ego-mind will provide some hope of course, because it’s got to keep you going and searching.”

12 december 2019:

“If a majority believes something or is convinced of anything, that majority in itself does not and won’t ever make it “the truth”. Doubt everything, always.”

9 december 2019:

“This is the dreaming of a dream, and the way to ensure that you take this dreaming to be the absolute physical reality is to play the game of opposites, thereby denying absolute Oneness.

Black against white, left against right, right against wrong, man against woman, race against race, country against country, and so on. It’s all just a game to make illusions seem real. For everything that is “two” is an illusion within Oneness, so what else can that be but playing?

As long as you believe in opposites, you will see yourself as separate and you will be a part of the dreaming of the dream. Whether you fight that opposite or love it makes no difference, whether you treat that opposite with kindness or you hate its guts makes no difference, because you see opposites and you have made them real. Then you’re hooked on the ego-mind and that’s all ego wants.

5 december 2019:

“To explain what it’s like to live in a non-dualistic paradigm to someone who’s living in a dualistic paradigm is a useless endeavor. It’s like explaining 3D to a blind person or the sense of living to a zombie.”

4 december 2019:

“Life is so much more relaxed and easier when you no longer project your grievances, opinions and objections onto every fucking thing that you encounter. And they are no more than projections, because none of your grievances, opinions or objections are true or justified. Ever!”

30 november 2019:

“Er is op zich niets mis met denken dat je gelijk hebt, daar hebben we allemaal wel eens last van. Het echte probleem ontstaat wanneer je gelijk wilt krijgen en hebben, waardoor je jezelf kunt zien als beter en slimmer dan de ander. Op dat moment zit je tot je nek in de drab en modder van de ego-denkgeest. And… then… you… are… FUCKED!”

28 november 2019:

“The problem with beliefs and superstitions like I Tjing or Tarot and talking to Angels and reading thee-leaves is not that they’re not true. Nothing here is true, so why would beliefs and superstitions be any different? The problem with beliefs and superstitions is that we put our trust in them. We take them to be true and spiritual and we believe them to be better and more true than anything else.

But they’re not. Everything here is all the same bullshit, different ways to fool yourself. Do they seem to work? Sure they do, because we SEE what we BELIEVE to be true… but that does not MAKE it true.”

24 november 2019:

“Searchers for enlightenment who claim to have found it are actually extremely misguided individuals. They are led by the ego-mind and trapped into believing there’s such a thing as enlightenment that could be found or obtained by an individual. We should forgive them their stupidity and have mercy.”

22 november 2019:

“Buddhists think that because the Buddha was a good person they will become like the Buddha by trying to be a good person, but they don’t and they won’t. You don’t become a Buddha by trying to be a good person, but when you are a Buddha you will be a good person.

The moral of this story is that you don’t wake up by acting like a woke up person. First you wake up and then you’ll be it. So don’t act like a Buddha to become a Buddha, just be a Buddha so you won’t have to act like one.”

21 november 2019:

You don’t have to look for what you are and you don’t have to find out what you are. All you have to do is remember what you are, because you are it already. You have never NOT been what you are, you only forgot what you are and you believe that you are something else.

So look at what you’re not and see that you’re not that, and then you will remember what you are. You could do that right now and be done with it… but I’m sure you don’t want to. You may believe that you’re not able to, but I promise you that’s not true.

16 november 2019:

“Waking up is nothing more than choosing to stop believing what you thought was the reality of you.”

16 november 2019:

“The only thing that keeps us captive in the narrow mindedness of the ego thought-system is the fear of remembering what we are and admitting we were wrong thinking we were something else. The thing about remembering something is that you already know it. The knowledge is there but you only forgot it. So where could the solution be found?”

14 november 2019:

“Jack Nicholson said it in the movie ‘A few good man’: “You can’t handle the truth!” … And it’s true, you can’t. You need to be ready for it and you won’t be as long as you’re happy, satisfied or content.

This is the sad truth of enlightenment. You won’t get it until life and the sense of self have defeated you entirely; up to the point where you can’t take it anymore and you would rather die than continue. When you reach the point where death looks better than continuing life as it is, that’s when it could happen. Enlightenment or suicide, to be or not to be, that is the question.

I can imagine that enlightenment doesn’t sound so inviting this way, but this is how it is. That’s why them gurus won’t tell you this simple truth, because most of you can’t handle it.”

13 november 2019:

“My name is Frits and I am a person. I live in this world and I interact with other persons. I was born, went to school, had jobs and relationships, get sick, have my ups and downs and will one day die. That is my reality and there’s only one weird thing about it, and that is that It’s not true, it’s only an experience… and so is yours.”

12 november 2019:

“The world we live in is a sick dream. You may try to make it seem special with spiritual mysticism, paint a happy face on it with new age nonsense or make yourself believe you’re enlightened and pretend to love everyone, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a sick dream.

You may call it miraculous, God’s gift, wonderful or magical and you may even believe all that bullshit, still this world we live in is a sick dream. You may fool and mislead yourself for eons, you may pretend everything is bloody fucking marvelous every second of your life, that won’t change the fact that this is a sick dream.

There really is only one solution, and that is to look at it and see it for what it is: SICK!”

11 november 2019:

“GOD is de context — de allesomvattende tijdloze ruimte — waarin de content — onze wereld, wijzelf en alles wat er gebeurt — plaatsvindt. Alleen de context is waar en de content niet.”

10 november 2019:

“Whatever you think, believe or assume is irrelevant to what is. But more than that, whatever 7.7 billion people think, believe or assume is just as irrelevant to what is.”

10 november 2019:

“Most people who dabble with spirituality really don’t want to wake up or reach enlightenment. They just want to dabble and long for that magical state. Why? Because they know in the back of their head that waking up or reaching enlightenment (same thing) would mean the end of them and no one wants to disappear.

In the last 15 years I’ve met some people who’d seem to want it. Only a few are still on it, but most of them pulled back and gave up when they got close. Fear is the main motivator of the body, and if you listen to that you won’t be able to make the jump.

It’s the fear of losing what you are and what you have that’s pulling you back. But what you are and what you have are both pure illusion… so tell me… why would one fear losing something that doesn’t exist?”

8 november 2019:

“Most people are mere kids fucking about. It takes time, effort and pure will to grow up spiritually.”

6 november 2019:

“There is no world, there are no bodies and there is no separate you. There’s only Mind apparently projecting a world with bodies. In doing so, Mind apparently got confused and identified itself with a body. And not just one body, no, it thinks it’s all the bodies at once and it thinks all these bodies are separate.

So, Mind got into some kind of multiple personality disorder trip, identifying itself with all the bodies in a separate individual way at the same freaking time for fucking eons. It thinks it’s me and it thinks it’s you. As me it thinks you are different, wrong, bad or whatever and as you it thinks I am different, wrong, bad or whatever. Sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster and chaos — hence, the world we experience.

But still it’s only a projection and still it is only the one Mind projecting. So the solution is not changing the projection (the outside world), the solution is changing the Mind (what we are), as in, realizing it is still only that one Mind projecting a nonexistent world with nonexistent bodies.”

6 november 2019:

“Experiences and states do not matter, methods for gaining enlightenment do not work.”

3 november 2019:

“The main reason why a seeker won’t find enlightenment is because, first, he doesn’t know what enlightenment is and second, he doesn’t really want it because it would literally mean the end of him. He wants the cake and eat it too, but that is not how it works.

So he makes up stuff about absolute love and eternal happiness and perfect oneness and pretends he is enlightened. Then he writes a book about it, filled with nonsense and bullshit, and he may go and do talks or give satsangs.

Of course, loads and loads of other complete oblivious seekers, who also do not know what enlightenment is and also don’t really want it, will hang on to every word he says. They will repeat it and might start believing it. They may even write a book of their own and go and do talks or give satsangs.”

27 oktober 2019:

“The main problem for spiritual seekers is the fact that they want to experience salvation, enlightenment or awake-ness for themselves here in this world. That’s not going to happen. First of all, it isn’t an experience, and second, there is no one to experience it. And of course, third, there is no “themselves” and no world.

Salvation, enlightenment or awake-ness is for MIND. Not your mind, but the all encompassing MIND. You may call it GOD or THAT-WHICH-IS, but in truth it’s nameless and for today I picked “MIND” just for the fuck of it.

Because the body is an effect of MIND, like literally everything but MIND itself is an effect of MIND, the body may or may not experience something, but probably won’t. So as long as you expect salvation, enlightenment or awake-ness for you as the body, right here right now on planet earth, you’re setting yourself up for a major disappointment.

There’s only MIND, only GOD, only THAT-WHICH-IS, the rest is all illusions, projections and magic, how could they experience anything?”

27 oktober 2019:

‘Inzicht’ maakt het verschil tussen ‘ergens mee stoppen omdat het aantoonbaar zinloos is’ en ‘het opgeven’.

26 oktober 2019:

“If that which you are not (you as this body) claims to understand and even admits it’s not that body, it will actually reinforce the idea that you ARE that body and strengthen the ego-mind. That’s why people get stuck.”

25 oktober 2019:

“The thing with methods like The Secret and all that manifestation crap, is that it’s based on the idea that thoughts become things. The idea is correct, thoughts do become things, but we have no thoughts.

It’s thought that manifested this world, but the error is the idea that they are our thoughts as a human being that manifested it. That’s why manifesting doesn’t work in the end, because the thoughts aren’t ours and what we think isn’t a thought but a calculation.”

25 oktober 2019:

“A problem I encounter is that people tend to think I give a shit. When they say or write something, and I think it’s not quite right, I respond with presenting my perspective. They usually think that I find it important that they see it my way, but I don’t. I really don’t. I only share my perspective and what anyone does with it is way beyond my reach. I feel no need to be right, I feel no need to be acknowledged and I feel no need to convince anyone. I already know the outcome… it’s already over… it’s a done deal… so there’s no need for me to give shit. You may or may not take my word for it, but not giving a shit is actually the best place to be.”

24 oktober 2019:

“We assume that everything that is happening is actually happening and it’s actually real, and so we take it seriously. That’s our problem. But it’s never what’s happening that is fucking up our day, it’s the fact that we take it seriously.

I’m sure you can figure out what the actual problem is… but in case you can’t… it’s you, for taking it seriously. Because you take it seriously, you fuck up your own day. Sounds like a stupid thing to do, right?

So, how do you fix that? Again, in case you can’t figure it out yourself, though it’s fairly simple: you fix it by not taking it seriously, because it’s not. Try replacing “feeling fucked up” by “laughing out loud about it”… it’s actually more appropriate.”

23 oktober 2019:

“I like it ‘smooth’. When things go the way they go, fall into place naturally without cramping up. Just show up and slide on in and let it all come together.”

21 oktober 2019:

“Our world is an imaginary place, so don’t rule anything out. Literally anything can happen at any given time, always. It may not be true, but it will appear real to you. The world is a magical fun house of horrors, it can go either way depending on how you look at it.”

17 oktober 2019:

“There is no universe, there is no world and there are no bodies. It’s all an outward projection of an inward condition. It’s the demented result of a thought-system that believes it has separated itself from that which cannot be separated. You don’t fix that by fixing the universe, the world or the bodies, you fix it by fixing the thought-system, by making it see it never happened.”

16 oktober 2019:

“If you want to be free from all of this, awakened or enlightened or liberated (pick a bloody description), you gotta get over this stupid idea that you’re this body with this mind with all it’s fucking shenanigans.

Because, if you don’t work that out and get over it, you’re not going anywhere. You’ll be here in this shithole forever and ever. And that’s not about reincarnation or karma, that got nothing to do with it, it’s a about time and it not existing. So you may experience death, and maybe a rebirth, but it’s still not true and you stay fucked in oblivion called life on earth forever as that which you are not.

So either you wake up to this new idea that you’re not this body and this mind, or you’ll do this again and again in bloody timelessness, and it won’t be over when the cows come home nor when the fat lady sings. You don’t free this body and mind you think you are, you free what you are from the stupidity of thinking you are this body and mind.”

13 oktober 2019:

“Truth is; untruth is not. If anything is ‘this’ one moment and ‘that’ another moment, it isn’t truth. Truth is stable, its consistent, it does not change, not ever, for no one. Truth is always the exact same for everyone all the time. If there is a disagreement between parties, both stands are wrong. Truth is… untruth is not.”

8 oktober 2019:

And so again we woke up to the same old same old silly idea that separation is an actual possibility. Don’t forget to laugh.

8 oktober 2019:

“My parents gave me the name “Frits”, so when I introduce myself I say: “I am Frits” — because I identify myself with that name which is a reference to the body it belongs to.

Between “I am Frits” and “I am sad” or “I am sick” there is no distinct difference, all are the “I” claiming to be either Frits, sad or sick. This shows very obvious a separation and a difference between this “I” and what it believes to be, be it Frits (this body), sad or sick.

If this “I” actually is Frits, sad or sick, there would be no reason to proclaim it constantly, this “I” would simply be it. But even in our own minds, without saying it out loud, there’s this voice in our head telling us what we are every fucking second of our waking day.

So this “I”, which I am, is probably not Frits, not that body, not sad nor sick, because I wouldn’t have to keep telling it to me to convince myself that I am Frits, the body, sad or sick. I would simply be Frits, the body, sad or sick, so, apparently I am not.

Take a step back and just see it, it’s bloody obvious.”

6 oktober 2019:

“All thoughts are like birds, they fly by and don’t effect you until you catch one and claim ownership. Then that one is yours and you have a responsibility to it and it may ruin your day.”

5 oktober 2019:

“So freakin’ tired of modern spiritual teachers, they’re 95% full of shit and sell watered down guidance for way too much freakin’ money. They don’t want you to wake up, because they want your money and you won’t buy anything from them if you do. Here’s a tip: you think what your looking for is spiritual, but it’s not.”

4 oktober 2019:

Ik vind het heden eigenlijk al meer dan lastig genoeg om me ook nog eens bezig te gaan houden met het verleden en de toekomst.

1 oktober 2019:

“Thoughts to you are like waves to the ocean. The ocean doesn’t hold on to the waves, the waves come and go; they don’t stay, or hang on, or rest. The ocean doesn’t claim the waves as his, because the waves don’t really exist… they’re only appearances in the ocean; they are seemingly there until they’re not anymore. But most of all, the waves never have any effect on the ocean; not now, not in the past nor in the future.”

29 september 2019:

“There are no somethings. There is what is but it’s not a thing. So, for example, when you ask what love is, or what God is, or what hate is, you’ve already answered the question. It’s that simple.”

27 september 2019:

“A lot of people tend to think that if you convince yourself that the world doesn’t exist, there’s nothing you need do, nothing ever happened and it’s all one big illusion, life will get better. But, no, that is not the case. It doesn’t work that way and so they get disappointed, give up and say “it’s all bollocks!”

The problem is that they convinced “themselves”, which is a form of self and there is no such thing as “a self”. So this non-existing self, which obviously doesn’t want you to wake up and see it doesn’t exist, convinces you that your effort of convincing yourself is not working by making life harder and harder as you proceed, until you give up.

The thing is, there IS no world, there IS nothing you need do and nothing ACTUALLY ever happened. But since you are in all of this, it also applies to you. YOU are not here, YOU need do nothing and YOU did not happen… so how could YOUR life get any better?

Just see this “you” isn’t what you are, and then life will get better, but not as you, no, just better in general. You’ll notice it when it is so.”

26 september 2019:

“De meest geniale actie van de ego-denkgeest, kortweg “ego”, is een andere betekenis geven aan zoiets als “Liefde”, “Vergeving”, “Schuld”, “Zonde” en “God” en er vervolgens voor zorgen dat iedereen die betekenis aanneemt zonder er een moment aan te twijfelen, ongeacht of men er wel of niet in gelooft. Ronduit geniaal.”

25 september 2019:

“So… what should you do to begin dreaming a happier dream to ultimately wake up in the process? Just look at the ego-mind, the ego thought-system, and see it isn’t working. Then say: “I see it’s a failed system and I don’t want that anymore!”

Saying this once isn’t enough, of course, because the ego-mind is too stupid, too arrogant and too self-centered to get it, but you say it every time you see its system is not working, which is only always. Say it again and again and again, repeatedly — “I see it’s a failed system and I don’t want that anymore!” — and you’ll know when it gets it.”

24 september 2019:

“Whatever is happening will be claimed by ego-mind — which is playing God — and it will imply it is you that is either doing it or it’s being done to. That is the case, that’s how it works, and there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s just what’s happening.

The problem is that you believe ego-mind and you believe it is you and therefore you believe you are doing things and things are being done to you. If you see that it is not you, you can be free from it and its shenanigans. This doesn’t mean it won’t be happening anymore, it only means you won’t fall for it and believe it.”

22 september 2019:

“People start as a clean slate, but they go crazy within a few years. Really, trust me, 99% is totally bonkers before their fifth birthday, you probably were and maybe still are.

So, anyone who is less crazy or — God forbid — went sane, is seen as completely bonkers and stark raving mad by the rest, because, even though the rest is completely crazy, truly literally out of their minds, they are the norm that’s taken to be normal, a.k.a. “sane.”

So if “everybody is crazy” is the norm, anyone less crazy or totally sane will seem to be crazy by the real crazy people who think they are not. So, when anybody who believes to be normal calls you crazy, you’re on the right track. Seriously, you’re cool.”

22 september 2019:

“To be really free means there is absolutely no attachment to anything or anyone whatsoever, but this does not mean there is no deep connection with anything or anyone, nope, quite the opposite.”

22 september 2019:

“We name everything. From the biggest to the smallest thing… like ‘cosmos’ or ‘earth’ or ‘tree’ or ‘microbe’. Now ask yourself this very simple question: what was everything BEFORE we named it?”

18 september 2019:

“There is no finding something or becoming something because you are it and have never not been it. Just ditch the illusions and truth will be revealed.”

16 september 2019:

You don’t have to do anything else but be here. And you are here. So you succeeded. Good job!

15 september 2019:

“Most people live their complete life thinking and believing they are something they’re not. Most of them are not very happy with what they believe to be or the life they believe to be living. Yet, again, most of them get angry or at least extremely confused when you tell them its okay, because they are not that and it’s not their experience.

When one sees a problem that isn’t there, one will look for a solution that doesn’t exist and one will dismiss the good news that it is a non-existing problem and they are not the one having it. Go figure.”

13 september 2019:

“Beware of ego-mind pulling you back into oppression and docility by making you believe that you as the body are actually awake and enlightened and you can awaken and enlighten other bodies, because that is not the case.”

12 september 2019:

Trust no one, believe nothing, but love it all.

11 september 2019:

“Those who have eyes to see will see and those who have ears to hear will hear, and the rest will be shaved for sweaters to wear and then send to the meatpacking glitterati for meat to eat.”

10 september 2019:

I see no real gap between you and me, no actual space where I end and you begin.

8 september 2019:

“Wat je dient vast te stellen is of dit leven realiteit is of het dromen van een droom. Als het realiteit is dan is alles realiteit en is alles waar, als het ’t dromen van een droom is dan is alles droom en is alles NIET waar. Het is het één of het ander, er is geen tussenweg en er zijn geen grijze gebieden. Pick your choice!”

7 september 2019:

Reality would be your experience if you’d turn life as you know it 180 degrees around.

5 september 2019:

“Just for the record: within the Dreamstate we are not one, never were and never will be. Only MIND is one and we, as bodies in the Dreamstate, are not that. It’s a waste of time to focus on things and bodies here in the Dreamstate, for this is but an outer reflection of an inner condition, and “the inner condition” resides in MIND. So, obviously, what you need to do is focus on MIND.”

4 september 2019:

“An important statement (I think it’s in AA) is: “You have to get to the exact nature of the wrong.” Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong, but there are apparent mistakes, so I’d say: “You have to get to the exact nature of the mistake.”

You may experience things happening to you or you doing them and you may think THAT is wrong (or, as I would say, a mistake), but it isn’t. You can always look deeper into it and then you’ll find that the mistake is never the things happening to you or done by you, but always that YOU THINK and BELIEVE it’s happening to you or that you are doing it.

But look even deeper than that and you may see that this can only be so if you still — maybe only at times — believe you are this body that is seemingly experiencing things done to it or doing things itself and THAT, the belief you are that body, is the exact nature of the wrong/mistake BECAUSE it is not true.

So, if the belief that you are that body is the exact nature of the mistake — which means it’s the mother of all mistakes, the heart of it all and where all mistakes spawn from — it can be corrected, and then every apparent mistake that came from it will be too.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it, but it’s probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. That is to say, IF you’ll ever do it.”

2 september 2019:

“The outside world (with you as a body included) is an outward projection of an inward condition. So, if the world or yourself isn’t what you think it should be, there must be something off within, which is within what is.

You can’t fix a problem in the world if it’s not of this world, you need to go inward and look inside what is and see the problem where it resides. That is not inside you as the body, but inside you as what you are, which is what is.”

1 september 2019:

“I don’t belong to a group or a demographic, not to a race, creed or color, not to a religion, a spiritual persuasion or a musical direction. I don’t belong to “these sorts of people” or “that kind of persons” or what ever the fuck one can come up with to try and box me in. I just don’t, so get over it.”

30 augustus 2019:

“Wat we de neiging hebben te vergeten, is dat alle wezens in deze zandbak van het leven allemaal slechts één doel hebben en dat doel is hetzelfde voor alle wezens. Wat conflict veroorzaakt is de manier waarop deze wezens geloven dat ze dit doel kunnen bereiken.

Waar de een het denkt te bereiken via liefde en aardig zijn denkt de ander het te bereiken via haat en geweld. Het verschil zit hem alleen in de keuze en de uitvoering, maar de overeenkomst zit hem in de kern van het doel; uiteindelijk willen we allemaal hetzelfde.

Het conflict zit hem in de afspraken die we gemaakt hebben over goed en fout, wat mag en wat niet mag, en in een utopische wereld zouden we mensen vergeven voor het maken van een “verkeerde” of “ongewenste” keuze waar we nu mensen straffen en terechtstellen omdat we het als een “zonde” of een “misdaad” zien.”

29 augustus 2019:

“The three basic truths:
1. Everything always changes;
2. Nothing lasts forever;
3. No one gets out of here alive.”

28 augustus 2019:

“One of the best phrases used in A Course in Miracles time and time again is “reason says…” or “reason shows…” or “reason tells you…” It means that if you’d use your mind to look at this life or anything in this life logically and reasonably you’d see it cannot be so, because reason would tell you it is impossible.”

28 augustus 2019:

“Als het gevolg van een oorzaak vervolgens de oorzaak van een volgend gevolg is, dan moeten oorzaak en gevolg hetzelfde zijn. Hoe anders is het mogelijk dat een gevolg vrijwel direct een oorzaak wordt van een volgend gevolg dat ook weer direct een oorzaak zal zijn? En als oorzaak en gevolg hetzelfde zijn, kun je ze tegen elkaar wegstrepen. Wat overblijft is dit wat nu hier gebeurt, zonder oorzaak en zonder gevolg.”

27 augustus 2019:

“Difference is only perceived if there is space between one and the other. So, grab that space for me and show me what it looks like? Present that space on a platter and let me see it? If you can’t do that for me, it must mean that space is nonexistent, if it’s nonexistent, it must mean there is no difference between, well, just about everything.”

26 augustus 2019:

“Because there is no two, there can be only one problem. There may seem to be a lot of different problems, most of them seem to be unrelated, but they are all the same problem in various forms. Solve any one problem correctly and you have solved all problems… and then you’re done.”

25 augustus 2019:

“As an apparent human being we have only one ‘modus operandi’ and that is a hunger for chaos and destruction, or, in other terms, to fuck it up. For this there is no other solution but see you’re not that. As always, easy does it.”

25 augustus 2019:

Time, space, past, future, progress, setback… all made up.

23 augustus 2019:

“If you say that you don’t know anything, there’s still the knowing of not knowing anything, but if you don’t know that you know anything, there is actually no knowing whatsoever. The first is “not knowing” confiscated by the ego-mind, the second is the real deal.”

23 augustus 2019:

“De vergelijking met het kijken naar een film of toneelstuk wordt steeds overtuigender. Als je in de bioscoop zit en naar een film kijkt, dan valt het “ik-idee” weg en zit je volledig in de film. Er is niet een “jij” die naar de film kijkt, maar er is alleen maar kijken naar de film… en dat is de waarnemende denkgeest die onze ups en downs aanziet en rustig wacht tot “wij” er klaar voor zijn om er anders naar te kijken.”

23 augustus 2019:

“Het feit dat het nooit goed komt met de mensheid in deze wereld, betekent niet dat het nooit goed ZOU KUNNEN komen, het betekent alleen maar dat het nooit goed ZAL komen.

Het kan wel goed komen en het is niet eens zo heel erg ingewikkeld of lastig om het goed te laten komen, maar het zal nooit gebeuren omdat nooit alle actiefiguren op aarde zullen kunnen aannemen en accepteren dat het nooit NIET goed is geweest.”

19 augustus 2019:

“The funny thing about all this is that we — that which we are — are apparently imagining all this and then believe it’s happening outside of us and that it can hurt and harm us. So now we have to protect ourselves against our own made up illusions when the truth about illusions is that they don’t exist. You gotta admit, that’s funny.”

19 augustus 2019:

“Sommige mensen noemen mij een “alles ontkenner”, maar ik ontken niets en erken juist alles… ik zie alleen dat het meeste niet waar is.”

18 augustus 2019:

“The problem isn’t that you don’t get what you want. The problem is that you don’t know what you want and always ask for the wrong thing… and you will never get a wrong thing.”

18 augustus 2019:

“They say, beauty is the eye of the beholder. So, when you see beauty or something or someone beautiful, it’s only so because you think it beautiful and not because it actually is.”

15 augustus 2019:

“It’s not hate that separates us and makes us fight each other, because if you hate something or someone, you just get up and leave. What you hate is not worth the effort of fighting it, you just ditch it.

No, it’s fear that makes us attack each other. Fear of the unknown, fear of what might be. And being too afraid to admit we are scared shitless, we scream and attack like little kiddies, and still wonder why the world is such a shitty place.”

14 augustus 2019:

“If you think life is normal, ordinary and that it is logical and makes perfect sense, you haven’t looked at it properly.”

13 augustus 2019:

“Any attack, how small or big, how light or aggressive, is a cry for love. So, instead of replying with a counterattack, one could sit quietly and forgive. This may sound easy, but it’s extremely hard to do, and that’s why there’s a lot of counterattacks going round and not so much forgiveness and love. But, nevertheless, it’s a simple choice between war and peace and you can make that choice every second in your daily life and it is your choice to make. “

12 augustus 2019:

“I just might have seen it all. Like there seems to be only so many type of people, there seems to be also only so many type of things happening. They may vary in detail or form but are all basically the same.”

11 augustus 2019:

“You know all those people who pretend they know who they are and what this is, you know, those people who claim to be awake and yet still are only able to quote other people and never ever have an original thought of their own… yeah, you know, those people… Here’s a tip: Ignore them. Trust me, you’ll be way better off.”

11 augustus 2019:

“If the thoughts and emotions I experience were actually mine, you’d think I’d recognize and understand them… but most the time, really all the time, I don’t, so they must not be mine. After that it’s no use pretending they are mine, because reason has shown me they are not. That’s how one negates untruth.”

10 augustus 2019:

“A thing that occurs when you ‘wake up from the Dreamstate’ is that you seem to care a lot less about everything and everybody. This may look like a bad thing, but when you look at it differently, it’s pretty obvious that the caring for or about something or someone is actually one of the locks on our prison door.

Because, I mean, really: how could something that does not exist care for something that does not exist and never happened? It has to believe it exists and that it is separate from everything else that it believes also exists. But we know that is not the case.”

9 augustus 2019:

“Leven als een ‘ik’ is alles wat gebeurt groter maken ter eer en meerdere glorie van diezelfde ‘ik’ om daarmee vooral de Droomstaat werkelijkheidswaarde toe te kennen. Als je jezelf, of die ‘ik’, uit deze vergelijking haalt… wat blijft er dan over van die Droomstaat?”

9 augustus 2019:

“Af en toe is het zo duidelijk hoe het zit dat het brein met zijn denken in een hilarische opeenvolging van “ja maar, ja maar, ja maar” vastloopt terwijl het logische redeneren steeds herhaalt dat het simpelweg logisch is dat het zo is.”

9 augustus 2019:

“We tend to use our minds to attain freedom as and for the body, while we should use the body, through forgiveness and surrender, to find out that we are only MIND and were not bound in any way. Just switch ‘means’ and ‘end’ and it will all make sense.”

9 augustus 2019:

“Elk verhaal waarin jijzelf de hoofdrol speelt, ook wanneer het over iemand anders lijkt te gaan, is niet waar. (Elk ander verhaal overigens ook niet.)”

8 augustus 2019:

“The only way out is ‘seeing’ (not with the eyes, but with vision) that you were never in — which would eliminate the ‘wanting to get out’ all together. But you can’t do that, because that would be ‘wanting to get out’.”

7 augustus 2019:

“The apparent outside world and everything that’s going on in it is not the cause of our suffering, it is the direct effect of our suffering. We are the cause of our own suffering and we make up an apparent outside world to project this suffering on, so we can put the blame on anything but ourself in order to keep us away from looking within.”

4 augustus 2019:

“The absolute impossible thing for the body-mind-system with its operating system “the ego-mind” to grasp is the possibility that there actually never was an universe to begin anything with. Even though that is actually a matter of actual fact.”

2 augustus 2019:

“The body-mind-system is momentarily very tired of it all, extremely bored and slightly depressed. So yes, it’s true; shit still happens.”

31 juli 2019:

“The problem with non-dual and/or spiritual awakening and/or enlightenment coaches is that there is no one to awaken or enlighten and that non-dualism is a simple fact and not something to be found or done here in this apparent dual world or Dreamstate.

Coaching isn’t and coaches aren’t going to help you with your awakening, your only option is going it alone… or send me some of your money, of course, that might also help.”

29 juli 2019:

“We are the dreaming of a dream. We are not IN the dream, the dream is IN what we are, but what we are is not dreaming because it IS the dreaming.”

27 juli 2019:

“When you’re not really a part of ordinary everyday life, because… well… you realized there is no everyday life, and you’re not a part of the so called spiritual life because there is no spiritual life either, then, what’s left of life can be pretty awkward at times… which it is, most of the time.”

22 juli 2019:

“Are there reasons to live, other than the ones you make up yourself? Does it really matter, to or for yourself, wether you die at 20 or live to be 100? Does it matter if you succeed at some goal you made up or fail all the way?

I don’t think so. I think all life is useless, senseless, pointless and without any reason whatsoever. Success or failure, it’s the same at the end: useless and meaningless. Whatever happens and whatever you do doesn’t really effect anything… especially what you truly are.

So, I’d say: why not go all the way? Take it to the extreme if you want, but go as far as the body can take you. At the end you’ll die anyway and nothing you did will have mattered to what you truly are. Seriously, go learn how to fly and crash trying… or not, same difference.

If you really want to die, be sure you will one day. The end is fixed, no one gets out of here alive… ever! Never mind what you do, just do it and see where and how far the body will take you. Just for kicks, for the fuck of it, because the dying part has already been taken care of.

I’m just not a fan of doing the deed yourself to yourself, cos you might miss out on some cool useless, senseless, pointless stuff. Might be fun, I think… or not, same difference.”

15 juli 2019:

“Vergeven houdt niet in dat je iemand anders zijn zonde vergeeft, in de zin van “ik weet dat je iets fout hebt gedaan, maar ik ben zo goed om het je te vergeven.” Het houdt in dat jij jezelf vergeeft dat je hebt ervaren dat die ander in jouw ogen een zonde heeft begaan.

Met andere woorden, je ziet in en geeft toe dat je ten onrechte dacht en geloofde dat de ander iets fout heeft gedaan… en dat ten opzichte van letterlijk iedereen.”

14 juli 2019:

“Dit hier nu is het dromen van een droom. Er is geen dromer, want er is geen vorm, en het gedroomde heeft nooit plaatsgevonden omdat het dromen is, noch hebben gedroomde objecten ooit bestaan. Alles waarvan jij denkt of waarin je gelooft dat het verwijst naar jou als object in dit hier nu, is niet zo.”

13 juli 2019:

“Als dit het dromen van een droom is, dan is alles hier niet alleen niet waar, het is ook nooit gebeurd en er is nog nooit iemand hier geweest… dus hoezo gaat er hier ooit iemand wakker worden of verlicht zijn?”

9 juli 2019:

“We use believes and assumptions to fill the gaps we can’t verify, like our birth and wether or not people exist when they aren’t with us and we don’t see them. Take the believes and assumptions away and we are left with very little we can know for sure.”

8 juli 2019:

The ones that don’t get it yet won’t get it from the ones that do get it, because, well, they won’t get it… until they do.

6 juli 2019:

“Self, accompanied by its creation ‘Ego’, hijacks MIND and creates a thought-system that makes MIND believe it’s a separated entity in the form of a human body, with thoughts and feeling that are its own and a life that began in pain, drags along fearfully and will end dreadfully. Thank God none of that is true.”

4 juli 2019:

“The basic problem is that you think you know what’s right for you, but you do not. And yet you go out and get shit or do things you think you want or need, when you really truly don’t know bloody anything. It’s a perfect recipe for failure provided by the ego-thought-system to keep you trapped. See it, then stop and let go of the tiller. ‘Miracles’ will happen.”

2 juli 2019:

“Be convinced that you cannot do anything wrong and if this is so it applies to everyone. This means no one is guilty of anything ever; everyone is guiltless always. If you don’t grasp that, you don’t grasp non-duality.”

28 juni 2019:

“We experience the world and everything in it as separate from us only because we believe we are separate from the world and everything in it. We project this inner feeling of separation on our outer reality. That is the only error and it can easily be corrected by seeing it isn’t so.”

28 juni 2019:

“The heart of the matter is that YOU cannot transcend YOU and attain liberation or enlightenment as long as YOU believe YOU are YOU and want to ‘get it’ for YOU as YOU. That is not going to work.

If you want to transcend and experience liberation or enlightenment, you are going to have to approach it a different way. But YOU are not going to do that, because there’s nothing in it for YOU and YOU don’t want that.

The Lord said: “YOU are fucked and shall never be unfucked” — oh no, sorry, that was me. All you can do is see you are not that which is fucked and in that lies the liberation and enlightenment… but not for YOU. Never for YOU!”

26 juni 2019:

“The logic is pretty simple. ‘What is’ is all there is and comes before everything that is being dreamed in time and space; just like an actor comes before the part he plays in the play.

So, we are ‘what is’ (the actor) and our body-mind-system is what is being dreamed we are (the part being played). We come before the body-mind-system, but we think we are the body-mind-system and so we don’t know that anymore. We forgot it and wholeheartedly believe to be the dreamed up part.

So, that being the case, we start from the dreamed up part and go from there like it’s really real; we believe to be that body-mind-system even though we are that which comes before everything in time and space. We believe life is real instead of a Dreamstate and now all kinds of shit is really happening to us and effecting us.

It’s a mistake. It’s not wrong, we’re not guilty and we shouldn’t be punished for it. It’s only a very small mistake and we can correct it relatively easy. No harm done, because nothing ever happened and it is only the dreaming of a dream. Meaning, it’s not so, never was so and never will be so.”

25 juni 2019:

“Liberation from ego-mind, or from the act of being identified as ‘self’, comes from realizing you were never caught, bound, jailed, caged or chained. It was a tiny mad idea you forgot to laugh about and took seriously. How funny is that?”

24 juni 2019:

“Apparently, the end of the identification with ‘self’ or the ‘ego-mind’ means the end of emotional attachment to things or people. This doesn’t mean there is no ‘caring for’ or ‘feeling for’ anything anymore, it just means there is no emotional attachment… BIG difference.

Emotional attachment is like being in prison where ‘emotional attachment’ is the warden telling you what to do and when to do it and to or with whom to do it… and without it there is freedom from that.

Emotional attachment is sometimes taken to be ‘love’, but it’s actually the opposite.”

16 juni 2019:

“There’s nothing non-dual about this place, so don’t pretend to be non-dual or live non-dual, don’t pretend to give non-dual talks, non-dual coaching or to organize non-dual retreats to teach people to live non-dual, because in essence that is all bull-crap and horse-shit.

It is… really! Been there, done that and got fucked over more times than I care to remember. “Non-dual” is a matter of fact and it cannot be experienced, ever! So any experience is always dualistic and this life on earth, in this galaxy, in this universe, after the big bang, is nothing but an experience.

When I saw through the nonsense of spiritual seeking, some years ago, which was a rude awakening, I got very tired very fast of spiritual people and their shenanigans… and the same is now happening regarding the non-dualistic community. Very very tired very very fast!

Thank God they don’t like me either.”

15 juni 2019:

“Repeatedly saying “I don’t exist, I don’t exist”, as so many nondualists do, is actually saying you think you do exist… because what else would be saying it? And why? Not that which doesn’t exist, because it doesn’t exist.”

13 juni 2019:

“You are not the body-mind-system, but you do use that body-mind-system as a means of communication. In other words, you use ‘your’ body-mind-system to communicate with apparent ‘other’ body-mind-systems.

It’s like using a phone for communication. I’m sure you would never think that you are ‘your’ phone (although a lot of people seem sickly attached to it) — so why would you think you are ‘your’ body-mind-system?”

12 juni 2019:

“The seeing through the Dreamstate (a.k.a. waking up) provides you with the clear view that there is no right or wrong, only what is and what isn’t. It also shows you there is no dualism and no non-dualism, no this and no that, no waking and no sleeping, no enlightenment en no un-enlightenment, only what is and what isn’t. You can’t have both and you can’t have one or the other.”

8 juni 2019:

“We believe to live in a dual environment… okay… I get that… but dualism is based on this and that, like black and white, one and the other… okay… I get that… so if we accept dualism there must be non-dualism, because it’s dualism… right?

But non-dualism states there is not two, so either dualism exists or non-dualism exists, not both because there is not two… okay… I get that… but dualism can only exist if there is non-dualism which in its turn states there cannot be dualism, for there is not two.

See the dilemma? Dualism states there must be non-dualism, otherwise it couldn’t be dual, and yet, this non-dualism that must exist for there to be dualism proofs there cannot be dualism, which is needed to proof non-dualism.

Excuse me while I disappear and vanish up my own asshole.”

5 juni 2019:

“The basic problem is the ego’s thought-system. You can’t see that because you believe that the ego’s thought-system is your thought-system. So, when you think, you use the ego’s thought-system as if it is yours because you think it’s yours.

Obviously you can’t solve ‘the problem’ by using that thought-system to think your way out if that same thought-system. And yet, it’s the only thought-system you know and you think the only way out is by reasoning and understanding. It will not work.

You can only solve ‘the problem’ by ‘seeing’ and ‘getting’ that the ego’s thought-system is not your thought-system and then you can be free from it. But you won’t do that because of the fear of what’s beyond, because of the fear of what will be left when the ego-thought-system collapses.”

3 juni 2019:

“If this is the dreaming of a dream, then nothing is actually happening and nothing ever happened, because it is only the dreaming of a dream.

Then, obviously, everything to do with being a human, which is a dream-character in the dreaming of the dream, is not really happening.

So, if we see that, we can conclude that things like thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain, depression, deprivation and even death are of no real importance and have no real meaning apart from the meaning we give it.

Why would you be bothered with it? Why fret over it if it’s not happening and it never happened? Why not just be and let things be? In all honesty, you already are and everything already is and whatever you do isn’t really changing anything… how could it?”

2 juni 2019:

“It’s simple. Either you see what you’re not or you’re seeing from what you’re not.”

2 juni 2019:

“When you find out that the ‘self’ you thought you were is not what you are and is actually the root of the problem, then to use ‘self-help’ books and to take ‘self-help’ courses to better or transform that which you are not and that which is actually the root of the problem sounds pretty ridiculous. Now… doesn’t it?”

1 juni 2019:

“To deny the dreamstate and everything in it by saying it’s just a dream and it is not real reality, is making the dream and the dreamstate real reality, because you can only deny something that exists and if you deny the dreamstate, you must think it exists.”

30 mei 2019:

“Every plan you come up with to destroy ‘ego-mind’ is a plan made up by ‘ego-mind’ and executed by ‘ego-mind’ to make sure the idea of being a ‘self’ with an ‘ego’ gets enforced. It just does not work!”

30 mei 2019:

“The difference between Truth and Reality is that Reality seems true and real to you and Truth does not, yet, Truth is true and real and Reality is not.”

28 mei 2019:

“What else but a feeling of okay-ness does one need? What’s inside is projecting the “outside world” you directly experience, so an “okay” inside and outside seems pretty good to me. The fun part is, you are and have always been inherently okay, you just don’t believe so.

You can let the apparent outside world influence the way you feel, or you can let the way you feel influence the apparent outside world… that is a choice one can make.”

25 mei 2019:

“The weird thing is that since I “know” and “see” and “realize” I am not this action figure, I am getting to be so much better at being this action figure. This sounds like a paradox but it’s not, because it is true.”

24 mei 2019:

“Endlessly and mindlessly repeating the words of teachers, guru, sages or their teachings isn’t going to get you anywhere, because that is an ego-thing. The ego-mind loves it when you do that, because then it can be sure you’ll never ever really get it. What the ego-mind doesn’t want you to do is actually really think; and trust me, most people think they think but they very rarely do.”

19 mei 2019:

“Freedom is a state of mind, but it depends on which mind you choose. Choose the separate ego-mind and freedom is actually a prison, or choose the right-mind, the only mind, the one mind — choose what you are — and freedom is freedom from the idea you were ever actually bound. It’s not magical, it’s not special, it’s not spiritual… it’s the way it is.”

19 mei 2019:

“If you believe you have something instead of this ‘something’ having you, you’re fucked. Example? Okay! If you believe it’s you having anxiety attacks, you’re fucked, but if you see it’s these ‘anxiety attacks’ that are having you, there’s a possibility of being free from it, because they’re not yours.”

17 mei 2019:

“The only true effect of a successful spiritual journey is not awakening or enlightenment, but the disappearance of the need for spiritual guidance; not only for the search for answers, but even for reassurance when the search is pretty much over. Done is done, nothing and no one is needed anymore… and then: further!”

16 mei 2019:

“When you feel anxious or scared, take a mental step back and look at it… and then, remember two things:

  1. Whatever you’re scared of or whatever is causing the anxiety is probably not happening right now, so you are not harmed or threatened in any way at this moment;
  2. It’s not true. It may look true to you because you have made it true to you and therefore the body responds to it as if it IS true… but it’s most definitely not true, never was and never will be.”

14 mei 2019:

“When we think of eternal or eternally, we think of it within a timeline. So within our thought system it becomes always and forever. But eternal is actually timeless and therefore never and nothing.

Our thought system is not capable of handling that because it can’t grasp anything without movement in time. So it makes up time and movement out of thin air and make us want to reach for eternal bliss or some other abominable concoction.”

13 mei 2019:

“It’s amazing to witness the twisted and contorted ways people configure themselves in order to make sure they will not see or grasp what would eventually bring them what they claim to be looking for. It’s mind-boggling but amazingly beautiful.”

13 mei 2019:

“To wake up to the fact that this experience is the dreaming of a dream you do not try to wake up as what you believe to be, but you see from ‘what you are’ that you’re not that and that you have never been asleep one frigging second.”

13 mei 2019:

“The only reason why ‘not-two’ is hard to believe or even inconceivable, is because this 24/7 game-show on earth is so bloody convincing that it’s difficult to accept it’s not real and not really happening.”

10 mei 2019:

“Gratitude, forgiveness and faith are the three most important attributes.

1: Being grateful for what is;
2: Forgiving yourself for believing it is or should be different;
3: Having faith that in the end it will be exactly the way it is supposed to be.

These three are the hardest things to do, and that’s why you can’t do it. Not because you’re stupid or lazy, not because you don’t deserve it, but because YOU can’t do it.

But don’t worry, it will be done… if you want it.”

10 mei 2019:

“I asked a dear friend how she was, and she answered:

“I am… I actually have no clue which word to fill in here. Let’s call that clueless then. Hope you find yourself in the same blissful state!”

That answer made me very happy.

True story!”

9 mei 2019:

“Q: “If a tree in a forest would fall down without anyone, man or beast, noticing it, would it make a sound?”

A: “Yes, it would, there just wouldn’t be anyone hearing it.”

Come to think of it, there’s never anyone anywhere ever hearing anything, so who would be there to give a shit if a tree fell down without anyone hearing it?”

9 mei 2019:

“Some say there is no such thing as ‘free will’, but that is not the case. There is ‘free will’, but no ‘you’ to have it. See the difference?”

8 mei 2019:

“It just hit me: we’re all in recovery. If you believe you exist on earth you are addicted to ‘self’, and we all are. ‘Self’ doesn’t care what you do as long as you believe to be that ‘self’, and you do.

‘Self’ tells us what to do. It’s ‘self’ that tells the alcoholic to go drinking and it’s ‘self’ that tells the spiritual seeker to go look for enlightenment or himself… there is no difference, it’s the same addiction in another form.

Whenever you feel you must do something or mustn’t do something, it’s ‘self’ telling you that. It’s not you, because why the fuck would you talk to yourself and tell yourself to go and do or want something? You’d just do it without first thinking about doing it, right?

You’re not the ‘self’ and you have never been that ‘self’, and if you don’t start off from that knowledge, you’ll be sucking up your own tail and running in circles for bloody ever and a fucking day and a half.”

6 mei 2019:

“Life is being, living is being available and be of service and the body is a tool for all of that. To paint a picture: life is like a nail, living is like nailing a beautiful picture on a wall and the body is like a hammer. Get it? When the picture hangs on the wall, you lay the hammer to rest and forget about it until you need it again.”

5 mei 2019:

“As a successful person you seem to be very hip when you have a special lifestyle, like party all night or in fashion or vlogging… pick your choice; anything that says you’re ‘better’ than someone else or ‘more loved’ or ‘more admired’ than someone else.

But it’s all only an escape, no different than drugs or alcohol. They’re just trying to outrun what’s real because of a deep rooted fear of losing ones own ‘self’, so they create a ‘super-self’ which is basically fiction upon fiction.”

4 mei 2019:

“There’s nothing spiritual about this body-mind-system. So stop trying to make it spiritual or pretend it is spiritual, because it isn’t. Just look at it. It’s a biological machine, nothing more, nothing less — and you’re not that.”

3 mei 2019:

“The body-mind-system doesn’t wake up and it never will, just as it doesn’t get enlightened and never will. You may try to wake up for eons or try to find enlightenment for lifetimes, it’s not gonna happen. Might as well give it up and see you’re not that body-mind-system… and than that’s the relief.”

2 mei 2019:

“Not that anyone’s listening, but any question starting with “why” is a stupid question and you should stop asking yourself or anybody else these ‘why?” questions. Why? Because they’re stupid and they hold back your progress. Why? Because they hold back your progress, stupid!”

28 april 2019:

“The made-up, unreal and untrue sense of ‘self’ will do just about anything to prove its existence and its rule, to the point that it will rampage, hurt, fuck over and even destroy and kill the body-mind-system it inhabits, just to prove its point. And you are not that ‘self’, nor the body-mind-system.”

27 april 2019:

“Just for the record: The “I-AM” is the sense of BEING and not an affirmation or confirmation of ‘you’ existing as a long-lasting separate entity.”

26 april 2019:

“To be free is to realize you were never bound. That’s all… easy peasy.”

25 april 2019:

“Life is but a dream, and “we” are the dreaming of the dream. All anything in the dream can point to is the simple and obvious fact that it’s a dream. It can be found in the highest form of spirituality, the deepest form of meditation as well as in the darkest turd of shit you flush down the toilet. It all says: “hey man, this is the dreaming of a dream and you are the dreaming.””

25 april 2019:

“Of je nou wordt doodgestoken door een gek of onder een vallende boom terechtkomt, of je nou omkomt door een terroristische aanslag of een aardbeving, of je nou door extreem geweld omkomt of een natuurlijke dood sterft en zelfs of je op jonge of oude leeftijd sterft, het is allemaal hetzelfde: de redeloze willekeur van het krankzinnige dualistische bestaan. Het ene is niet erger of dramatischer dan het andere, elk schijnbaar verschil vindt alleen plaats in het denken en is niet waar.”

23 april 2019:

“Today I fired ‘Self’ and offered this body to ‘Higher Power’ a.k.a. ‘Holy Spirit’. Why? Because I’m pretty much done with the bullshit.

There was a small sense of anxiety felt in the body, as it had relied on ‘Self’ for so long to blow basically anything out of all proportions; but since ‘Self’ had left the building, this sense of anxiety faded quickly.

Yesterday I meditated on giving myself over to the Higher Power, but despite that, I woke up this morning with a bad case of selfcenteredness, so I decided to fire ‘Self’… and then, much to my surprise, it all lighted up and I could feel the selfcenteredness fade away.

It’s all about going back to the point where the decision was made to choose for ‘Self’ and ‘Ego’ and look at it to see it was a mistake, and then: simply and gently choose again.”

20 april 2019:

“Whatever you think, whatever you believe, whatever you presume and assume or whatever you can imagine, it’s all not true and not real. Never was and never will be. Ever!”

19 april 2019:

“What we do all day is start from the premise, the assumption, that we exist and that we ARE. From that point on “Ego/Self” is having a freaking field-trip, because we never question the starting point.

So, maybe we go on a spiritual quest. We start asking ourself “who am I?” or maybe, just maybe, “What am I?”, but that is asking from the premise, the assumption, that we exist and that we ARE someone or something.

As long as we believe we ARE, we exist, and what we are is a long-lasting separate entity, It doesn’t go anywhere, because the premise, the starting point, is not correct.”

19 april 2019:

“The absolute last step to “waking up from the Dreamstate” is realizing that THERE IS NO YOU TO WAKE UP NOR A DREAMSTATE TO WAKE UP FROM.

I know this is very hard to grasp, it took me years to get it, because it demands that you negate the very last thing you hold true… and that is YOU AND YOUR WORLD!

YOU believe to be something, because you are apparently experiencing tons of things all the fucking time. Who or what else but you is able to experience all that seems to be happening?

You see the dilemma?”

18 april 2019:

Self, Ego and You are all imaginary things and imaginary things cannot be killed or saved.

16 april 2019:

“Neti Neti, “not this, not this”, points at everything we can experience and put in words or thought, saying that is not IT. It negates and refutes any form of dualism or otherness or twos and still people go like “yeah, sure, but…”

No! There’s no friggin’ “but”!”

15 april 2019:

“The discussion about having or not having free will is an ego-mind discussion. Egoself loves that discussion because it reinforces it’s apparent existence by creating dualism with that discussion.

Really… who do you think wants to prove there is no free will? And to whom? No matter who is right, dualism has been created and Egoself is laughing his ass off.”

14 april 2019:

“The lesser I see me as being this action figure and the lesser I identify myself as being this action figure, I paradoxically seem to get so much better at being this action figure. It’s a miracle, truly it is.”

14 april 2019:

“It’s friggin’ tricky, man, it’s a mental trip, I mean, seriously mind-blowing. I am not what I thought I was and I am not that which thought I was that thought I was that and neither am I that which “knows” or “sees” I am not that which was thinking that I am not that which I thought I was. There’s no way out, no escape, and it’s so fucking hilarious because I was never trapped to start with.”

12 april 2019:

“Zolang er nog een geloof aanwezig is — bewust of onbewust — in concepten als ‘zwart’ en ‘wit’, ‘goed’ en ‘fout’, ‘links’ en ‘rechts’, ‘verlicht’ en ‘niet-verlicht’ — kortom: dualisme — is werkelijke ‘bevrijding’ onmogelijk.

De paradox is dat het denken, onze geest en ons lichaam — kortom: wijzelf — niet zonder dat geloof kunnen functioneren of bestaan. Dus wanneer wijzelf als onszelf bevrijding zoeken, gaat dat niet lukken, omdat iets dat gelooft te bestaan zichzelf niet gaat– of zelfs kan opheffen.

De vrijheid zit hem in de realisatie dat wij niet DAT zijn waarmee we ons hier identificeren. Dit is overigens niet ONZE realisatie, maar DE of EEN realisatie ONDANKS onszelf. Dit, samen met de wijsheid dat er geen twee is, zal laten zien dat er geen tegenstellingen zijn en dat dualisme alleen maar een trucje is om het spel ‘leven op aarde’ te kunnen spelen.

Het laat zelfs zien dat Waarheid (of Het Absolute) en de illusie (of de Droomstaat) hetzelfde zijn. Niet twee componenten die ergens metafysisch een éénheid vormen, maar letterlijk en inherent hetzelfde. Er is namelijk geen twee.”

11 april 2019:

“When something arises or seems to happen, first ask yourself: “Does this effect or harm me NOW AT THIS MOMENT in any physical way?”

If the answer is “YES”, then act upon it. But if the answer is “NO”, it’s only mental gymnastics or made up imagined danger. Then the next step is: See it, acknowledge it, negate it, discard it and move on. (And maybe, if necessary: get over it!)

There! I just saved you a few hundred dollars worth of useless coaching by some mindless guru in some senseless retreat.”

10 april 2019:

“Truth and illusion are exactly the same, for illusion apparently appears to appear IN Truth, creating an illusory entity (the “I”) for illusion to appear true to. Any distinction between Truth and illusion is dualistic and therefor illusory.”

9 april 2019:

“If you stop resisting what is, it (life?) works wonderfully. Just by putting out what I’d like, without trying to make it work, the “universe” fits my needs like magic every time. It literally always works out. You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not.”

9 april 2019:

“The only freedom is the freedom FROM the body with its mind and not freedom AS the body with its mind.

As long as you believe to be this body with this mind, you will be busy for eons looking for freedom or salvation or enlightenment before you may realize you ain’t getting nowhere and ain’t finding nothing.

But, it’s no use PRETENDING you are not the body with this mind, because that is the body with its mind pretending with its mind to not be that body… that’s not working.

You also cannot convince yourself you’re not the body with that mind, because that would also be the body using its mind to convince itself it’s not the body with that mind. Not gonna work.

Just look at it and investigate that body with its mind and then literally SEE you are not that. Don’t make it up, don’t use thought or thinking to reason away your body and mind… just SEE you are not that and be done with it.”

8 april 2019:

“I negate any form of spirituality and any self-acclaimed guru that promises enlightenment in any form what so ever… i find the smell of their bullshit extremely nauseating.”

7 april 2019:

“If I choose ‘right-mind’ and negate ‘wrong-mind’ (or ‘ego-mind’, as it’s sometimes called) it isn’t much of a choice, since ‘wrong-mind’ (or ‘ego-mind’) is nonexistent.

But if there is no ‘wrong mind’ than ‘right-mind’ is a wrong wording, since ‘right’ only exists thanks to the existence of ‘wrong’, and without ‘wrong’ there can be no ‘right’.

This leaves us with the only thing that apparently exists: ‘MIND’. But even that is a wrong wording, because there is no opposite — ‘no-mind’ negates itself. So why name it at all?

Even this choosing for ‘right-mind’ itself kinda wrongly and impossibly empowers the opposite which doesn’t exist, so now ‘choice’ is negated and all of a sudden it becomes awfully quiet.”

3 april 2019:

“When I die (I = point of perspective of awareness), the world I perceive and give meaning to will come to an end. My death is the one and only Armageddon of this specific world and there are no other worlds.”

29 maart 2019:

“The body is an imaginary figure in an imaginary place doing imaginary things. So, how can an imaginary figure free itself from an imaginary place when it’s only doing imaginary things? It can’t. It can try for eons without any success… and it has been doing that for eons.

But when there is the realization you’re not that body, freedom from that imaginary place is inherently so… because you were never in it. Not freedom for the imaginary figure, because it is imaginary, but for you, because you’re not that imaginary figure.

So, how do you do that? How do you get there? Well, that’s the tricky part: you don’t, because it is already so… you just don’t believe it is.

You don’t need to get relieve FOR the bodymind you believe to be; you need to get relieve FROM the bodymind you believe to be, by seeing you are not that.”

26 maart 2019:

“Better late than never, but I finally ‘get’ what it means to give ‘self’ (not yourself or your self, but ‘self’) over to what they call ‘the higher power’ or ‘God’ (which is but a name, it’s not a thing) for correction of the error.

And now that I ‘get’ it, I can see that most of the people who say they ‘do’ it don’t really ‘get’ it. And I know why that is, because ‘you’ can’t ‘get’ it and there’s literally no-one who can explain it to ‘you ‘or teach ‘you’ how to ‘get’ it.

Again, it’s not a group-project, you have to ‘get’ it by yourself, and when you do, it’s friggin’ hilarious.”

23 maart 2019:

“The guru is not the problem, it’s the schmuck who falls for his/her bullshit.”

20 maart 2019:

“Non-duality is not a thing, it’s not a state of mind or a way to live or something to get or gain. Non-duality is only a statement that says “not two.” It negates duality and if you grasp that, it will be the end of “you” and your “I-me-mine”, because it tells you there is no other. And that is how simple it is.”

16 maart 2019:

“Of course it is already known, but sometimes it just hits me again like a friggin’ sledgehammer in a bowl of jelly: it’s all really really really really really really really REALLY fucking bullshit. Yes! Everything!”

16 maart 2019:

What if everything you were told to believe is untrue? Nah, skip the “what if”
and the questionmark.

12 maart 2019:

I wish I could give a shit about what happens in, on or with this world… but I truly don’t.

8 maart 2019:

How do you blackmail someone who doesn’t exist in a world that doesn’t exist? It’s not gonna work, now is it?

1 maart 2019:

“Life is basically a shit-show. Really, it is. It’s the worst soap-opera ever. So what does it matter if you win or lose, live or die? Everything ends up exactly the same in the end anyway… dust in the wind.”

28 februari 2019:

“No matter what, you are always on your own because of the simple fact there is no one else here. Help is not and will never be on its way, you are truly fucked and have been fucked from day one… and that is the starting point.”

24 februari 2019:

The journey is both diversion and path, and the path is both obstacle and way… so how do you choose left or right?

24 februari 2019:

“Het grootste en misschien wel enige obstakel in jouw leven is het illusoire idee dat jij controle hebt over je leven en bovendien de gang van zaken in het universum kunt sturen zodat de uitkomst beter is voor jezelf.”

23 februari 2019:

“When you see or feel that a system doesn’t work — it doesn’t matter what system, any system — you cannot use that same system to change the system; you’ll have to refute the system. Don’t deny or ignore the system, don’t pretend it isn’t there, but refute it and leave it for the bullshit it is. A failed system can only show you that it’s failed, so don’t try using it to prove it’s failed, because that can only fail. See it’s failed and refute it, and then: further!”

22 februari 2019:

“Funny thing. You can realize you’re not that body, not that mind yapping — and that’s all wonderful metaphysically speaking — but it’s a nice first bomb realizing that, though your the merging of your fathers sperm and your mothers egg, you’re actually not that to begin with.”

20 februari 2019:

“It all went quite suddenly kinda silent and there was the absolute realization it’s just me and only me, as in ‘that which is’.

It’s not a thought, nor an idea; it’s not a wanting it to be that way, but the absolute realization there’s no one going to be around to ever get what or where I am, because there is no one around and I am all there is…

We are all absolutely alone and we never were not absolutely alone… try and grasp that.”

18 februari 2019:

“Er is wat is en dat is, en er is wat lijkt te zijn maar niet is en dat zijn wij en alles hier op aarde. Nu had iemand de vraag wat de realisatie van wat is, van “De Waarheid”, kan betekenen voor die persoon.

Als we er even heel eerlijk naar kijken, kunnen we ons beter afvragen of ‘dat wat is’ überhaupt wel iets kan betekenen voor iets wat niet is? Het lijkt mij dat dit onmogelijk is. Hoe kan iets dat is iets zijn voor iets wat niet is? Hoe smeer je boter op je brood als er geen brood is?

Dus, als je “De Waarheid” wilt realiseren om er hier als actiefiguur beter van te worden, dan gaat je dat nooit lukken. De twee zaken hebben niets met elkaar te maken. Sterker nog, één van die twee zaken bestaat helemaal niet.”

17 februari 2019:

“I find it mind-boggling how some “enlightened” people actually preach that there is only ONE, but then go off separating the “enlightened” from the “unenlightened” by telling the “unenlightened” how to get “enlightened”… it doesn’t sit right.”

16 februari 2019:

“Rejection, aggression, being laughed at (of course all in good fun, so they say) or being ignored is basically the reactions you can expect when you really wake up.

So my advice is: don’t go there, don’t wake up. But if you do wake up, despite my warning, don’t talk about it… seriously, don’t let the zombies know you exist.”

16 februari 2019:

“The movement is very simple, as formulated by A Course in Miracles: We are the dreaming of the dream and we forget that we’re dreaming.

How do we forget?

We mistakenly identify ourself as being the dreamed, as being the body. We believe that to be the real “us” and therefore we believe the dream to be real, which in turn proves that we are real, which proves the dream is real, which proves… ad infinitum.

Round and round we fucking go. Merely, merely, merely, merely… If you would see this movement, truly see it, you’d be done with it.”

15 februari 2019:

“This, it, life, is pretty much meaningless, useless, senseless, pointless and it won’t get any better than that. You can’t get out because you’re not in, so any effort is a waste of energy. And this is the good news!”

9 februari 2019:

Er bestaat de kans dat er verwarring optreedt wanneer ik zeg dat alles wat ik zie en ervaar een uiterlijke projectie is van een innerlijke conditie. Ik heb het dan niet over een innerlijke conditie van het actiefiguur Frits, want dat actiefiguur is op zichzelf al een uiterlijke projectie van een innerlijke conditie. Nee, het innerlijke waar ik het over heb is dat wat vooraf gaat aan de projectie.

9 februari 2019:

“It’s all about being what you are. Not about what your parents or society wants you to be, not about what your friends want you to be, not about what you thought you should be and not about what you wanted or hoped to be, but about what you are.

So, find out what you are by taking a good look at what you think and believe you are and realize you are not that, and eventually you’ll be the best and only possible version of you and you’ll be what you are instead of pretending to be what you’re not.

And then everything will fall into place and you’ll play the perfect part in the game. You will feel and experience the difference.”

8 februari 2019:

“De belangrijkheid die je jezelf toedicht die zich uit in de overtuiging dat jij als ‘deze-persoon-hier’ iets kunt doen voor jezelf, waardoor je alles voor jezelf beter zult maken, is één van de grootste illusies. Het is namelijk hetgeen dat ten onrechte realiteitswaarde geeft aan het dromen… en dat gebeurt dus altijd vanuit de ego-denkgeest en dat is dus altijd niet waar.”

6 februari 2019:

“Everything you see and experience in the outside world is there for you and about you and no one else. Everything you believe someone else does for you or to you says something about you. Every event you experience says something about you.

This is especially true for all the things you DON’T LIKE and are PAINFUL. Drama, catastrophe, whatever, it is there for you and solely about you. It’s not there to hurt you, it’s there for your benefit.

Instead of pointing at others or blaming circumstances, look at- and within yourself and ask yourself: “What is it in me that apparently makes me want to see and experience this?”

Write that down and look at it and rewrite it and look at it and again and again… and you’re doing autolysis.”

4 februari 2019:

“Wat is is, maar dat is niet dit leven in deze wereld op deze aarde; en wat je bent ben je, maar dat is niet dit lichaam met dit leven in deze wereld op deze aarde.

De kern is “zijn” en “zijn” is niet iets dat gedaan wordt, het is niet eens dat wat gebeurt, het is wat is… tijdloos, ruimteloos en onpersoonlijk; niet voor altijd en eeuwig, maar nooit niet.”

3 februari 2019:

“The first and foremost thing the egomind or egoself wants from you is that you believe to be the body and mind, cos without that belief it’s the end of its world as it knows it.”

1 februari 2019:

“There is no world and this means there is no you, cos where would you exist? So all we have here is what’s apparently happening, including an apparent you and an apparent world.

“Happening” is the constant movement of stuff arising. It never happens because that would mean it would have stopped happening to become something that actually happened. That would mean the end of the movement where there is only movement, which is stuff arising without ever actually becoming anything; an apparent doing without anything ever being done by anyone.

There is only what’s happening which never happens and never has happened and never will happen. What’s happening isn’t happening for you or to you, because there is no you, because there is no world.

That’s all folks.”

28 januari 2019:

“Het blijft wonderlijk hoe we hier van alles zien en als ‘werkelijk’ en ‘echt’ ervaren terwijl er letterlijk niets is. Het idee dat deze wereld echt bestaat is niets anders dan een aanname gebaseerd op de subjectieve ervaring dat de wereld echt bestaat — ik zie het, ik voel het en ik ervaar het, dus bestaat het. Er is hiervoor geen enkele feitelijke onderbouwing of bewijs en niemand lijkt daar ook om te vragen, dus wordt het gewoon voor waar aangenomen. Geniaal systeem!”

26 januari 2019:

What if you never left, you never did anything and nothing ever happened? What and where would you be now?

22 januari 2019:

“Maybe a good indicator of your “awakening-progress” is the extend to which you get bored hearing other people—as well as yourself—talking about it.”

19 januari 2019:

“When you truly realize the Truth of it all, when you see through the veils of the Dreamstate, there seizes to be something like a ‘safe-place’ within the Dreamstate. You’re on your own, there is no support-group.

You may find someone here or there who agrees with you on this or that, but it’s hard and maybe even impossible to find someone who actually sees it exactly the way you do. Maya confuses and controls all communication always everywhere all the time. This is her playground, she makes the rules.

What I found out is that it is most definitely not a group-project, so if you find yourself being a part of a group working towards awake-ness or enlightenment or whatever the fuck you want to call it… you’re deluding yourself or allowing yourself to be deluded.

This is just a heads up… do with it what you want.”

17 januari 2019:

“‘Why?’ is a useless question. It always comes after the fact and even if you get an answer it wouldn’t change or stop the effects. It’s like falling of a cliff and you ask “why did I fall of the cliff?” — the answer doesn’t matter or change anything, you’ll still be falling of the cliff.

Asking ‘why?’ is egomind, because it knows it could take lifetimes answering it and even if the answer is found it wouldn’t change a thing and you haven’t progressed a friggin’ inch — egomind loves that kind of shit, it dwells on it.

Forget ‘why?’ and just realize it is so and go with that. It will save you lifetimes.”

16 januari 2019:

At the end of his last talk Paul Hedderman said something that hit me in all its simplicity. He said, and I paraphrase:

You are what you are looking for, the only blocking agent is “you” looking for what you are from what you’re not. But what you are looking for is what you are, so basically it is ‘what you are’ looking for ‘what you are’… game over!

So let’s say you’re looking for a solution and you are what you’re looking for, then you are the solution and the only blocking agent is “you” believing to be the problem looking for a solution. But if you are what you’re looking for and you are looking for a solution, then you are ‘the solution’ looking for ‘a solution’… again: game over!

You only have to see it maybe two, three times, maybe more depending on how bright you are, but at some time you must be able to get it.”

15 januari 2019:

“The only way to find freedom is to realize you were never bound, so in all honesty you can never FIND freedom, because you already are free and always have been free. Same goes with Truth and what you are. It’s fairly obvious if you look at it from the right angle. And if you do, nothing changes but everything’s different.”

14 januari 2019:

There’s literally no “I” in you, me, us, we, they or them. How the fuck could we have missed that?

12 januari 2019:

“If there’s no two, then everything we experience as-or-in black and-or white is really only gray, which makes every argument in any discussion basically the same bullshit.”

8 januari 2019:

“We make life really complicated. Adding things we feel we must do; things we need to do soon; things we want to do later; adding goals to reach, places to see, people to meet, minds to fuck and giving it all the meaning and importance it has to us. We basically make this life the one and only shot at whatever the fuck we think it is supposed to be to us…

But if you don’t add and do all that, life is fairly simple, more true-ish and it will definitely go its own natural way.”

7 januari 2019:

The ego has landed, but I don’t know where
Nor do I care where it got stranded

2 januari 2019

“Langzaam maar zeker blijft er steeds minder “ik/mij” over. Het lichaam-geest-systeem doet wat het doet, reageert zoals het reageert en wil wat het wilt, maar steeds minder vaak maakt ‘egozelf’ er een verhaal van dat geloofd wordt. Het idee dat “ik” er iets mee te maken heb, vervaagt steeds sneller.

Vanzelfsprekend ziet de omgeving “mij” van alles doen, maar dat is een illusie. Die “mij” die zij zien wordt gecreëerd in hun geest, door hun denken en is niet werkelijk aanwezig. Omdat zij zichzelf (ten onrechte) als een persoon beschouwen, moet elk lichaam dat ze zien ook een persoon zijn. “Ik” ben niet Frits, de toeschouwers van het lichaam projecteren er een “Frits” op.

Het is lastig uit te leggen en er valt ook steeds minder over te zeggen. “Weird” is een woord dat opkomt, very “weird” indeed.”

28 december 2018:

“I find it mind-boggling than some spiritual people seem to think they will actually get somewhere or find something by quoting and parroting their favorite gurus, when in fact it is a perfect recipe for a total standstill… which is, by the way, exactly what the ‘egoself’ wants.”

28 december 2018:

Some people call me a nihilist, but I am way way less than that!

24 december 2018:

“The more you “wake up”, the more you see how extremely stupid and moronic this world is. It is literally all wrong, nothing fits and nothing rhymes, and most of the time I stand in utter amazement watching all those people around me taking it to be so real and so right, maybe even taking it to be true or “the truth.”

The thing is, when you “wake up”, you’re in the minority and you will be called a fool and people will ridicule you or get angry at you. You can tell them a thousand times what’s wrong with this picture and you won’t get through the defenses. Maybe one will get a glimpse of it, but most of them will feel as if you’re attacking them and start defending themselves.

Apparently, not many like to hear they don’t exist. So it’s better to just shut up and find a way to get on with your life. I myself, on the other hand, don’t shut up so easy… so I guess that’s my bad.”

13 december 2018:

“…and then, when the absolute last thing held sacred pops like a soap-bubble, you’ll know what it’s like to fall into the abyss… but then it’s to late to step back.”

10 december 2018:

“The upside of becoming a “human-adult” (waking up) is that it’s all anyone can want, the downside is that there are only a few like you in the world and an extremely large shitload of “human-kiddies” who basically spoil much of the fun.”

10 december 2018:

“Misschien is het lichaam geen levende materie, maar slechts oneindige mogelijkheid gecomprimeerd tot vorm en wordt het geanimeerd door “iets anders”? Welke van de twee ben je dan?”

9 december 2018:

“If you are searching for what you are you are looking from the perspective of what you obviously are not, otherwise you would not be searching and looking for what you are because you would be just that. When you actually see this, you’ve switched perspective and you must be looking from what you are at what you’re not and so you actually are what you are.

So, why not just be that and this will be the end of the search!”

6 december 2018:

Life is not what you make it, it’s what you believe it to be.

3 december 2018:

“If you say you’re living a non-dual life or in non-duality, you are lying to yourself, because this world, this universe and you yourself cannot work or exist if there’s non-duality present. It’s either this or non-duality, you can’t have both at the same time and you can’t have non-duality here on earth.”

27 november 2018:

“Het idee of de overtuiging dat je klaar bent of het doorhebt komt altijd vanuit Zelf/Ego en betekent alleen maar dat je niet klaar bent en het niet door hebt. Verder!”

25 november 2018:

“Elk verhaal over het leven en jouw leven, elke schijnbare waarheid en schijnbare realiteit, begint en eindigt bij de ongefundeerde aanname van het ontstaan en bestaan van een universum.”

24 november 2018:

“Als je wilt “ontwaken” (ik krijg steeds een grotere hekel aan dat woord, maar het is niet anders) is het tot je nemen van informatie van groot belang. Alles steeds weer opnieuw horen en lezen, ook als je het al duizend keer tot je hebt genomen. Herhaling, herhaling, herhaling, tot je er ziek van wordt.

Wanneer je iets leest of hoort en dat naast je neerlegt “omdat je het al weet” of “omdat je het al een keer hebt gelezen of gehoord” — wat vrijwel elke zoeker doet — dan is dat “ego” dat dit zegt als onderdeel van het beveiligingsmechanisme dat er voor zorgt dat je niet “ontwaakt”. De info is opgevangen door ego en niet terecht gekomen waar het nodig is.

Op een gegeven moment, nadat je het jaren tot je hebt genomen, merk je dat de informatie niet meer nodig is. Dat is niet denken dat je het al weet, maar weten dat het genoeg is. Je hebt dan de informatie niet meer nodig omdat het blijkbaar is aangekomen waar het binnen moest komen… en dat is altijd voorbij het gevoel van zelf en voorbij ego, altijd voorbij wat je denkt te zijn.

Het is alsof je elke dag voortdurend alleen maar steeds hetzelfde eet wat je heel erg lekker vindt. Op een bepaald moment, los van enige beslissing van jezelf, ervaar je dat je het tot je verrassing niet meer lust. Je bent er “klaar mee”. Zo is het ook met informatie over “ontwaken”. Jij bent niet degene die beslist dat je er “klaar mee” bent, jij stelt niet vast dat je het “weet”, maar op een gegeven moment zul je ervaren dat het zo is.”

22 november 2018:

“Seeing through the lies does not leave you with the truth, it only presents the lies and leaves you with nothing.”

22 november 2018:

“Niets heeft enige betekenis. Jij niet, jouw leven niet, de wereld niet en het bestaan niet. Alles is precies wat het is en het enige doel, als dat er al is, is zijn wat het is. Alles is nu bezig te zijn wat het is en dat is het enige wat gaande is; voor de rest zijn er alleen maar verhalen die we elkaar of onszelf vertellen en we wel of niet kiezen te geloven, hoewel geen van die verhalen werkelijk waar zijn.”

20 november 2018:

“Tijdens een gesprek, kwamen een vriend en ik tot de conclusie dat er slechts één emotie is dat zich presenteert in verschillende vormen. Het kan zich presenteren als angst of liefde of haat of geluk of boosheid, en we categoriseren het als positief of negatief, gewild of ongewild, maar het blijft slechts emotie.

Emotie is niet goed of slecht, niet dit of dat, tot wij er een label aan hangen en het van ons noemen. Er zit een grote vrijheid in het zien dat het alleen maar emotie is zonder betekenis of waarde, zonder plus of min, en zolang we ons er niet mee identificeren is het simpelweg wat het is en gaat het vanzelf voorbij.”

19 november 2018:

“Mijn uitgangspunt is ‘geen twee’ en dit sluit uit dat jij en ik iets anders zijn, het sluit uit dat jij en ik verschillend zijn. Er is de ervaring van verschil, maar dat is niet waar in absolute zin. Uiteindelijk is er ‘geen twee’ en zijn jij en ik beiden een expressie van hetzelfde. Weliswaar een schijnbaar verschillende- en soms ook tegenstrijdige expressie, maar nog steeds een expressie van iets dat uiteindelijk hetzelfde is, want er is ‘geen twee’.”

18 november 2018:

“Almost all grown-ups merely play being a grown-up instead of actually having grown-up; they’re like little kiddies in grown-up-suits; toddlers with a grown-up appearance.

Our society is ruled by those infants pretending to be grown-up, voted into power by kids who pretend to be grown-up and protested against by toddlers pretending to be grown-up.

It’s no wonder, really, cause we were all taught what to become by infant teachers who thought they were adults when they were only toddlers who pretended to be adults, because they were taught so by toddlers who pretended to be adults.

It’s a debilitating closed circuit shithole making sure no one grows up and no one really starts thinking. So, now you know why this world of ours is so fucked up.

My advise? Grow the fuck up! Oh, you think you have already… I doubt it.”

13 november 2018:

“You may believe you’re sane in a sane world, or perhaps you believe to be sane in an insane world, but in fact you are insane in an insane world and you have never not been.

The thing is, in this insane world we’re all insane and that’s why the insanity doesn’t show; we all think we’re sane when we’re not, because nobody is and we all think we are.

‘Waking up’ makes you see what is instead of what isn’t. It makes you sane in an insane world that’s inhabited by insane people doing insane things and believing insane stuff; and that’s why nobody wants to truly wake up.”

12 november 2018:

“Ontwaken gaat niet over het weerleggen of ontkennen van “ego” of “zelf”, maar over zien dat je dát niet bent. Daarna mag en kan ego en zelf zijn wat het is, omdat je inziet dat je dát niet bent.”

10 november 2018:

“Ik denk dat het wel wonderlijk te noemen is dat we hetgeen dat buiten ons om ontstaat (en dus onpersoonlijk is), zoals gedachten en gevoelens, verinnerlijken en als persoonlijk ervaren en dat we daarmee een wereld buiten ons projecteren die feitelijk alleen innerlijk in potentie (dus niet werkelijk) bestaat.”

9 november 2018:

“De Droomstaat is als een wit canvas met slechts inktlijnen die vormen impliceren. Vervolgens kleurt iedereen vanuit geloof, overtuiging, aanname en indoctrinatie door derden die vormen in en maakt er zo de stupide bullshit van dat wij “ons” of “het” leven noemen… en soms zelfs “de realiteit” of “de waarheid” labelen.”

7 november 2018:

“If you think you know who or what you are, you are not THAT, nor are you the one who thinks he/she knows it. Anything and everything you can observe, experience or even contemplate, is not you.”

4 november 2018:

“Most people will have the experience of doing things and moving forward, but there is only shit happening you have nothing to do with and only further because the past and the now are nothing but memories regurgitated by the mind and presented to you as a gourmet meal.”

4 november 2018:

1. Binnen in “Zijn” gebeuren er schijnbaar dingen die worden verzonnen — als in dromen;
2. Dit schijnbaar gebeuren van dingen wordt door een in het dromen verzonnen denksysteem aangegrepen om te impliceren dat er “iets” moet zijn dat die dingen doet;
3. De implicatie dat er “iets moet zijn” dat die dingen schijnbaar doet, creëert zo’n iets vanuit het niets en verplaatst dit “iets” terug op de tijdlijn, terug in de tijd naar een schijnbare verleden, en noemt het “zelf”;
4. Het verleden waarin dit iets zichzelf “zelf” noemt wordt het nieuwe “nu” en “heden” en de verzonnen “zelf” noemt zichzelf vervolgens “mijzelf” en “ik” en claimt de doener van al die dingen te zijn en impliceert daarmee een persoon te zijn dat van alles doet in iets wat “tijd & ruimte” wordt genoemd.

Deze transformatie vindt slechts schijnbaar plaats, aangezien er in feite alleen maar schijnbaar dingen gebeuren in het “Zijn” — als in dromen — en er in werkelijkheid nooit iets is gebeurd.”

3 november 2018:

If you believe you, the dreaming of the dream and the dream itself are three different things, you are missing the point.

2 november 2018:

“Jezelf niet identificeren met je lichaam en “jouw” zelf als zijnde “jij” klinkt vanuit het ik-figuur bekeken als dissociatie — een afwijking. Maar als er gerealiseerd wordt dat die identificatie met dat lichaam en die zelf als zijnde “jij” incorrect en onterecht is, m.a.w. niet waar, dan is het slechts een correctie van een vergissing.”

1 november 2018:

Waarom zou je wakker willen zijn in een slaapwandelende wereld? of Waarom zou je volwassen willen zijn in een eeuwigdurende kleuterklas? zijn goede vragen, want in feite schiet je er geen fuck mee op.”

1 november 2018:

“Ik zie het elke keer weer gebeuren; de spirituele zoeker die verlichting zoekt VOOR zichzelf — en dat gaat hem gewoon niet worden. Zolang je verlichting zoekt voor jezelf is het uitgesloten dat je het vindt. Natuurlijk kun je jezelf wijsmaken dat je het hebt gevonden en heel veel zoekers doen dat ook uiteindelijk, maar dat is nog steeds alleen maar dromen binnen het dromen.

Om te vinden wat de zoeker beweert te zoeken moet de zoeker zichzelf uit de vergelijking verwijderen en durven te spelen met de mogelijkheid dat verlichting voor zichzelf niet tot de mogelijkheden behoort en dat er alleen maar bevrijding of verlichting VAN zichzelf mogelijk is. Met andere woorden, dat de zoeker het zelf niet gaat meemaken en niet zal ervaren.

De meeste zoekers staan daar niet voor open, zo blijkt.”

28 oktober 2018:

“The thing with now and the future is that the future can seemingly become now, but now can never become the future; it can only become the past which in turn can never become now nor the future. Just saying.”

27 oktober 2018:

“Freedom is not about being redeemed or finding salvation or even enlightenment, it’s about forgiving yourself for believing the little mad idea that you actually exist in an actual world floating around in an actual universe where actual things happen… do that and you’re literally home free. And yes, it’s that simple, but not so easy.”

26 oktober 2018:

When you think you understand it all, be sure you don’t. It’s not about understanding it.

25 oktober 2018:

“There’s only dreaming within dreaming within dreaming, ad infinitum — turtles all the way down. There’s no “you” within this dreaming and all this “you” you seemingly seem to be within the dreaming can do is proverbially “wake up” to the fact that this is not really real and that “you” are not really here, without ever knowing what is beyond the dreaming or if there actually is anything beyond dreaming; which obviously means that “you” will never know who or what or where you are, because you ain’t.”

22 oktober 2018:

“Omdat iedereen om je heen schijnbaar ergens bijhoort, een groep, een organisatie, een religie, een overtuiging of een familie, is de realisatie dat je nergens bijhoort — omdat je niet werkelijk bestaat als dat wat je denkt te zijn — dat wat de meeste angst oproept.

Het is die angst die door “zelf”, middels “ego”, wordt aangegrepen om op zoek te gaan naar een nieuwe groep om weer het gevoel te hebben ergens bij te horen. Vanaf dat moment zit je weer in dat lichaam en geloof je dat je bestaat. Het leven is namelijk geen groepsproject en alleen “zelf/ego” wil ergens bij horen.

Zo’n nieuwe groep kan extreem zijn, zoals een groep van mensen die zeggen te weten dat ze niet bestaan, een “turbo-extra-advaita-club”, maar je kunt je afvragen hoe ze dan een groep hebben kunnen vormen. Een cluster niets is nog steeds niets, heel veel niets samen is niet meer niets dan niets.

De angst van nergens bij horen, en nergens bij horen is een logisch gevolg van de realisatie dat je niet dat lichaam-geest-systeem bent, is vaak een struikelblok dat leidt tot terugval in het lichaam en er is verder niets dat het kan accepteren. Je moet door die angst heen en “zien” dat het, zoals vrijwel alles, nergens op gebaseerd is.

Nergens bij horen betekent overigens niet dat je geen contact hebt met andere mensen, het houdt alleen maar in dat je niet werkelijk emotioneel verbonden bent met de mensen om je heen of de schijnbare groep waarin jij je beweegt. Maar, aan de andere kant, die emotionele verbondenheid was sowieso altijd al een illusie.”

21 oktober 2018:

“I know people who have seen through what “this” is, who one could call “awake”, but still cling to the Dreamstate as if it truly has meaning and/or substance. I’m in awe of Maya, I am, she’s amazingly cunning and a wonderful magician and because of that so few actually see the trick for what it is… a trick!”

16 oktober 2018:

“We all move around our own little specific personal bullshit circle and we get upset or angry or maybe ecstatic about the bullshit circle of others as they get upset or angry or ecstatic about ours… it’s hilarious, really, when you see it from the realization no shit has ever happened.”

14 oktober 2018:

“Saying “I know nothing” and trying to prove this is so, is claiming to know you know nothing, which is knowing something. It’s not about knowing nothing, it’s about not being that “I”, so there’s no one to know anything.”

11 oktober 2018:

“A lot of spiritual energy goes into defeating “the ego”. That’s not without reason. “The ego” is a fictional no-thing made up by “the self” to conceal from you that this same “self” doesn’t exist, and since “the ego” is only imaginary, you can’t defeat it. You’ll be at it for years and years and years and “self” can carry on pretending it exists and make you believe it is you.

The only way to kill the dragon is to see there’s no such thing as a dragon. It’s that fucking simple.”

4 oktober 2018:

“Ooit had ik principes en overtuigingen, was ik een wereldverbeteraar en wilde ik mensen opvoeden, vond ik dat iedereen moest denken zoals ik, want dan zou alles beter zijn en geloofde ik in de mogelijkheid van Utopia waarin alles geweldig zou zijn, als iedereen maar zou… En toen werd ik wakker.”

30 september 2018:

Verlichting is letterlijk wat het woord impliceert. Het is niet iets dat je vindt of verkrijgt dankzij spiritueel hard werken of meditatie, maar het resultaat van het daadwerkelijk kijken naar en verwijderen van alle bullshit en overbodige bagage. En daar is niets spiritueels aan.”

23 september 2018:

There’s actually no one who really knows anything for sure. Every story, every fact and every truth; it’s all guesswork!

20 september 2018:

“A lot of spiritual teachers talk about forgiveness and letting go, but they actually have no clue what the fuck they’re talking about. Not that they’re wrong, they just don’t know what forgiveness and letting go truly means.”

19 september 2018:

“Bevrijding zit niet in het iets doen met, aan of voor jezelf als lichaam, maar in de realisatie dat het lichaam letterlijk niets anders is dan een virtueel vormgegeven gedachte in het denksysteem. Dat wat je denkt te zijn is hier niet, dus hoe zou je dat kunnen kennen of veranderen?”

14 september 2018:

“Not taking ‘it’ seriously is not the same as making fun of it, laughing about it or disregarding it, cos that would be taking ‘it’ seriously. Yes, seriously.”

13 september 2018:

Seriously… whatever gave you the idea there is actually anything out there?

13 september 2018:

There is no world, nothing ever happened and you are not here… This is dreaming.

13 september 2018:

I’m not saying we are dreaming. I’m saying that this, the world, you and I, is the result of dreaming. So all we see and all we do and all we are is dreamed. We (you and I, everybody and everything), do not exist in reality, only in dreaming.

And there is only dreaming, no thing else. It’s the dual ego-mind that demands there’s something else to oppose it… and there isn’t.

12 september 2018:

The world isn’t the way it seems or how you experience it; the world is the way you look at it and perceive it… huge difference!

11 september 2018:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re awake or not and it doesn’t matter if you want to wake up or not… because it’s dreaming and dreaming ain’t real, so what could matter?

But, having said that, the thing with dreaming is that it ends at a specific moment we tend to call “death”, so you have no real say in it; there will be waking up when the dreaming is done.

But again, having said that, you may want to consider that being awake while the dreaming continues, does make the traveling through the dreaming lighter and less shitty… a lot.

Small footnote for your consideration: if you wait with the waking up bit until the dreaming is done, there will be no more traveling… ever.

But hey, really, whatever you want.”

9 september 2018:

“Het is het denksysteem dat een ‘ik-gedachte’ verzint, en het is die verzonnen ‘ik-gedachte’ die wil weten wie, wat, waarom, waar en wanneer iets is ten opzichte van diezelfde verzonnen ‘ik-gedachte’… en dat heeft allemaal niets met jou, mij of wat dan ook te maken.

Er is geen wereld en er is nooit iets gebeurd, dus er is geen denksysteem… full stop!”

5 september 2018:

“Spirituality and the search for enlightenment is, just like any other religion and it’s quest for redemption, a hoax to keep you in line with the protocols of the Dreamstate — in other words, to keep you docile.”

31 augustus 2018:

The difference between what is, what it seems to be and what you’d like it to be is that it’s not true.

26 augustus 2018:

Alles is zinloos, dus schrijven en praten en discussiëren over alles ook.

25 augustus 2018:

“There’s peace and rest in the realization that there’s no way out for this body as this body, and anything else I might mistakenly call “me” and is not that body was never in it to begin with. What remains has always been there and what disappears never was… and in both cases, that’s not me.”

23 augustus 2018:

“So… if this is dreaming — and it is, which makes it unreal and not true — should or shouldn’t we engage in it? If we live our life as if it was real we give reality to that which has none… should we do that? We make dreaming reality by interacting with it… should we do that or not?

That is the dilemma. We only exist within, because of and thanks to this dreaming and this is the only chance we get to engage in anything. Outside this apparent world, this dreaming, we do not exist, we do not engage and we do not experience fuck all.

So should we not engage because it’s futile? Which it is! Or should we engage in it because it’s all and the only thing we got? Which, again, it is!

Don’t tell me… tell you!”

 17 augustus 2018:

You don’t end the search, the search ends you and that’s why the searching ends.

16 augustus 2018:

Life is futile and living may be the purpose, but death is the goal.

15 augustus 2018:

“It’s not about not being ABLE to do anything and not even about not ACTUALLY doing anything… it’s about not HAVING to do anything. Huge fucking difference!”

15 augustus 2018:

“Whatever you do and whatever you think you do isn’t you doing it and every thought you have about something or about you isn’t you thinking it or even your thought. Nothing here is you or about you cos there’s nothing here.

Even if you don’t believe this, you could try and pretend you do and see what happens. Why not? You’ve been pretending all your life anyway.”

 13 augustus 2018:

“The question isn’t “how do I wake up?”, it is “do I want to wake up?” Seriously! Ask yourself: Do I really truly want to stop being me? Cos that’s what waking up means. And if the answer is “yes!”, then do it. Stop being you… you never where you to begin with.”

13 augustus 2018:

“Waking up in or from the Dreamstate is not about being happy, it’s about seeing with clear vision that everything you thought was real is really all bullshit.

So tell me, how could something that is bullshit and is living in bullshit with bullshit all around him ever be happy unless it is still dreaming?”

 11 augustus 2018:

“Whatever you think you are, you’re not that. But, whatever you think you are not, you’re nog that either. It’s whatever you think… that’s never that what you think it is. Whatever you think, that’s not it.”

10 augustus 2018:

“When I look at the negativity of conspiracy stories or the positivity of the new age/spirituality stories or the stupidity of the mainstream stories, I suddenly find them all sickening and full of shit — because all three sides only convey stories from within the bullcrap Dreamstate with one sole objective to keep you in deep sleep believing unfairly you might be waking up.”

5 augustus 2018:

“This is the thing! By wanting and trying to wake up from the Dreamstate you give it a reality it does not have. By wanting and trying to wake up you reinforce de dreaming, so all you need to do is see the dreaming for what it is… which is dreaming… and see the Dreamstate for what it is… which is a Dreamstate. You need not do anything else. Just look and see what happens.”

4 augustus 2018:

“The illusory road to ‘Human Adulthood’, where you can finally see what is instead of what is not, is paved with havoc and destruction and the even more illusory road beyond that is even worse. The destination at the very end is what ‘enlightenment’ really is, so I am pretty convinced no spiritual seeker actually truly really wants that.”

1 augustus 2018:

So, I guess it’s all about doing something only because it’s indicated… and the indication is the fact that it’s being done.

30 juli 2018:

“Spirituality is finding a way out of this existence of gloom and mediocrity. It’s looking for the gateless gate so we can wonder through it, singing, dancing and chanting, and be liberated and free. Oh halle-fucking-lujah!

But wait! It’s a gateless gate, meaning there is no gate, meaning there is no exit, meaning there is no way out. Damn! This is it, folks… we’re fucked.”

 26 juli 2018:

“When we take ourselves really seriously, we believe the things we do, don’t do, should do, shouldn’t and mustn’t do to be very important, just like the things we think, don’t think. should think, shouldn’t think and mustn’t think (or feel, or believe, or want, or whatever) to be very important… and most of all, very true.

Spoiler alert: They are not!”

 23 juli 2018:

“I had a heart to heart with myself and we both agree that we’ve been taken in by Maya’s games again, believing it to be true and important. But it’s not, it’s a ride. And we’re not ON the ride and it’s not happening TO us, we ARE the ride.”

20 juli 2018:

“I don’t believe the dreamstate or the thought of separation is a mistake or wrong and I don’t believe waking up is the intention. But some do wake up (though not many) and I believe they are the mistake.

But hey, it’s okay to believe you are awake as long as you don’t really actually wake up, and if you do really actually wake up you’d better be quiet about it… cos most people do not want to hear your story.

Thank God it’s all bullshit!”

 16 juli 2018:

“When you identify yourself with the body you are aware of the fact that you identify yourself with the body. You can see that “I”.

If you can see that “I”, there must be another “I” looking at it. So now try and see the “I” that’s looking at the “I” that identifies itself with the body.

If you can, there must be another “I” looking at the “I” that is looking at the “I” that identifies itself with the body. Go look at that “I”.

If you can, there must be an “I” looking at the “I” that is looking at the I” that is looking at the “I” that identifies itself with the body.

Try doing this until you can no more go back further. That last “I” that is looking at the former “I” isn’t what you are, because there is something that is aware of that last “I”…

Ask yourself, what is that?

And most of all, if you do this experiment, you’ll see for yourself that you are not able to see or experience what is happening to the body in the world. So it’s all about perspective.”

 15 juli 2018:

“What if… just maybe… all you are is a thought that has been taken personally and was consequently taken to be real? What if you’d let that thought go and you would set it free, would “you” still exist?”

13 juli 2018:

“Wat het leven zwaar maakt is het idee dat het jou overkomt en dat het belangrijk is voor jou en er toe doet in zijn algemeenheid en dat jij er iets mee moet doen.

Wat als dat niet waar blijkt te zijn? Stel dat het niet zo is dat het jou overkomt en dat het niet belangrijk is en er niet toe doet en dat jij er niets mee hoeft te doen? Wat ontstaat er dan?”

12 juli 2018:

What would it be like if we’d stop doing things for a reason and just do them because we apparently do so? Just shit happening.

9 juli 2018:

“To awaken FROM the dreamstate would entail a not caring about what happens in general and what happens to “you” as the body specifically. It would not be a state of bliss and wonder and “everything’s perfect and great”, but it would be a state of not caring at all to the point of actually not giving a shit.”

9 juli 2018:

Mind => Thought of separation => Believe in the thought of separation => Split mind => Ego-mind => Body => World => Shit!

9 juli 2018:

“I am observing me all day. Every move I make, every vow I break, every smile I fake, every claim I stake, every step I take, I am watching me. I am observing me “I-am-ing”. So either I am this that is “I-Am-ing” or that which is observing… I can’t be both because there is not-two!

The answer is pretty easy and obvious, yet hard to handle for that which is “I-Am-ing”.”

 7 juli 2018:

So… this is now, all there is. What will be will be and what will follow will follow. So, I relax and observe the show.

7 juli 2018:

“It may be so that my “I” is broken. It only lingers on, useless, right here and now, waiting for what’s coming — if anything. The body gets up in the morning, but the “I” doesn’t seem to make an effort to follow. Feels like an impersonal something, though it is extremely pissed off. Not of this world, but you may run into it.

Or something like that… how would I know?”

 27 juni 2018:

Basically, the only good and useful thing about spirituality is the sobering fact that it does not work.

22 juni 2018:

“Funny how some people keep on believing and fooling themselves that they need to be enlightened to find peace and joy in absolute awareness within the blissful presence of the Universe, or God, or whatever… when there’s actually no such thing as enlightenment.”

21 juni 2018:

“If that which is true is never changing, always the same for everything and everyone for ever and ever and ever… And life is a cycle of births and deaths, starts and finishes, ups and downs, beginnings and endings… Then… life ain’t true.”

 16 juni 2018:

“Jarenlang geloven we dat we een “ik” zijn in de vorm van een lichaam. Die “ik” doet van alles en als we dan te horen krijgen — of er achter komen — dat we die “ik” niet zijn, zijn we bang dat we nooit meer iets zullen doen en in een advaita-hel op de bank blijven zitten.

Maar het punt is dat we nooit die “ik” zijn geweest en altijd alles hebben gedaan zonder die “ik” te zijn geweest; er is geen reden om aan te nemen dat, nu we inzien dat we die “ik” niet zijn en dus nooit zijn geweest, er niets meer gedaan zal worden.

Los van het extreem simpele feit dat een valse en foute aanname — “Ik ben dit lichaam” — is gecorrigeerd, verandert er niets en blijft het schijnbare aanwezige ‘lichaam-geest-denken’ constructie van alles doen… net als voorheen toen we nog ten onrechte geloofden dat WIJ het deden.

Je komt niet los van je “ik” en niet los van dat “ego”, je corrigeert alleen de valse en foutieve aanname dat je er ooit aan vast zat. Met andere woorden, je realiseert je iets wat altijd al zo is geweest en als het altijd zo is geweest, dan verandert er dus niets.”

 14 juni 2018:

“Was I disappointed when I found out what “enlightenment” really was? Yes, I was – Big time! But it was the most wonderful disappointment ever and I never ever needed any other disappointment. This did the trick!”

12 juni 2018:

“Yesterday I woke up with the feeling it was going to be a dull day and got bored withing seconds, but as soon as I didn’t take notice of it and saw that the “dull day” was just another day and there was apparently something called “boredom” I had nothing to do with, action was taken and things were done — but not by me! — and at the end it turned out it was a great day.

The moral of the story? You ain’t got shit to do with anything, so forget about yourself and stop taking shit personally and it will all work out fine.”

 10 juni 2018:

“If you believe you’ll find salvation, enlightenment, liberation or freedom by joining a group, organization or church, you’re wasting your time and probably a lot of your money.”

6 juni 2018:

Most of spirituality is basically the blind leading the blind, the ones that ‘know’ it can only tell you to come see for yourself.

28 mei 2018:

“Your mind likes to grab hold of anything it can put its teeth in, only to make sure you will be kept busy and will never arrive at the obvious unmistakable conclusion your mind was never really YOUR mind to begin with.”

26 mei 2018:

“So… instead of bitching about things that shouldn’t be like this or should’ve been different, just look at the fact that things ARE like this and AREN’T different and move on from there. You need to be honest and true about your current apparent reality or else you’ll be up shit-creek and will stay there drowning slowly in your own manure.”

26 mei 2018:

“In the same way your opinion doesn’t make anything right or wrong, what you believe doesn’t make anything true or untrue. The shitty part of this statement is that “believe” is all you have here on earth and everything you see is what you believe.”

25 mei 2018:

“There is no absolute right or wrong. There is only what is and you liking it or not liking it and wanting it or not wanting it, but that’s an opinion and your opinion doesn’t make anything right or wrong… ever!”

24 mei 2018:

“Saying you are not your body isn’t the same as saying you don’t exist or the body doesn’t exist… it’s saying that the body is not you.”

22 mei 2018:

“That which is, which is the only “thing” or “whatever” that is, comes prior to everything we believe exists but actually doesn’t.”

21 mei 2018:

“Most spiritual people want a practice, so try this:

Look at what and who you think you are and entertain the idea and possibility that you are NOT that. That’s all, just try it for a month every moment of every day.

Whenever you think you are doing something, thinking something, feeling something, choosing something, et cetera, entertain the possibility that you are NOT that.”